30 Interesting Facts from the filming of Rocky Horror

The Rocky Horror Picture show is an iconic cult movie with a devoted following of fans. These fans relish any opportunity slip into their fishnets and attend any of the 200+ special screenings or performances that have taken place since the movie premiered in 1975.

At Arthouse hotel we pay homage to this amazing piece of movie madness with our Rocky Horror Show room musical floor.

As with any movie, there are plenty of weird and wonderful facts associated with production, even more so with a creation as spectacularly bizarre as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, check out what we discovered here.

Stay the night if you dare

That’s right you can actually visit the building that was used to film Rocky Horror and stay the night.

Frank-N-Furter’s mansion/spaceship has now been converted into a splendid luxury hotel, Oakley Ridge, in Windsor.

Derelict, freezing, then on fire!

The listed building used for filming was in such a terrible condition that actors cast and crew were forced to huddle together in a designated “warm room”. As the cast and crew were quite large they had to take it in turns to visit the room, that is until it caught on fire!

Time Warp was a space filler


It seems the most iconic path of the film might never have been if it weren’t for the length of the script. Due to the finished film only being 40 minutes long using the original script, Time Warp was added as a space filler. Thank the lord it was because it’s the best party dance ever.

A gruelling film schedule

Most movie masterpieces and even certain independent films can take years to create. Actors, crew members, directors and producers all take huge chunks of time out of their lives to create a memorable piece of movie magic.

Not Rocky Horror Picture Show, this blockbusting masterpiece took only 6 weeks to film

Loyalty to the cast

Original members of the theatre production of Rocky Horror remained in their designated roles for the movie. Leading role Tim Curry, writer and actor Richard O’Brien and Meatloaf are just a few among others who have been a part of the show since it’s inception.

Creepy coffin clock

At the start of the song, “Time Warp” Richard O’Brien’s character, Riff Raff can be seen caressing a skeleton in a coffin with a feather duster.

The creepy reality is that this is a genuine human skeleton which went on to be sold at auction for £35,000 at London auction house Sotheby’s.

Set builder error

When Dr Scott comes crashing through the wall of the lab in his wheelchair, this was not scripted. It turns out the set builders had forgotten to build a door. Instead, the directors used the situation to their advantage, adding to the weird and wonderful nature of the finished movie.

A German Frank-N-Furter

Frank-N-Furter’s voice was originally going to be accented in German. It’s only after hearing the posh English lilt of a woman he’d overheard on the bus that he decided to model the character’s voice on Queen Elizabeth II.

On set injury

The character of Brad, played by Barry Bostwick, smashes his fists down on the table at dinner. In doing so he pounds Janet’s fist, played by Susan Sarandon. Her reaction is genuine. Perhaps in revenge later on in the movie, Sarandon places a well-heeled foot right on Bostwick’s instep causing him very real pain.

Perhaps in revenge, later on in the movie Sarandon places a well-heeled foot right on Bostwick’s instep causing him very real pain.

An unexpected dinner guest

When Eddie’s body is revealed under the table after dinner the looks of surprise on the actor’s faces are genuine as only O’Brien and Curry knew that the body was there.

Love lives off set

According to Richard O’Brien, Susan Sarandon who played Janet and Barry Bostwick who played Brad were having an off-screen romance.

Skinny stunt double

As Meatloaf, playing the character of Eddie ould not ride a motorcycle a slimmer stunt double was used for the “Hot Patootie” number.

The close up’s of Eddie belting out the lyrics were filmed as he was pulled around on a wheelchair.

Not tonight Tim

Tim Curry was refused entry to one of the iconic midnight showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show suspected of being an imposter.

After he proved his identity using his passport he was he was apologetically invited in, but declined.

In Drag or Not in Drag that is the question

Tim Curry says his Frank-N-Furter costume is not drag, it’s just how Translyvanians dress.

Royal fans

Princess Dianna was a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. During an interview, she had requested between Tim Curry and herself the princess apparently turned to Curry with a cheeky smile confiding in him that the movie “quite completed her education”.

Longest running theatrical production

The Rocky Horror Picture Show holds the record for longest theatrical release in history and continues to play in theatres across the US today.

Dedication to Rocky Horror

An ancient museum style cinema in Munich has screend the Rocky Horror Picture Show once a week since 1977.

O’Brien’s equivalent of a crossword puzzle

Rocky Horror was written by Richard O’Brien as a way to keep him occupied when he wasn’t working.

It is said that on winter nights he would take to his study and pour out his thoughts on science fiction into song. After completing a collection he showed his director friend the work who insisted it was put into production.

Whose lips are they?

If you have ever wondered whose body and head belonged to the floating red lips that sing the opening credits, then wonder no more.

Patricia Quinn who played Magenta in the movie is the person behind the pout. Her excitement to play the role of Magenta was solely down to the fact that she got to sing ‘Science Fiction Double Feature’ for the opening of the performance.

This part that went to O’Brien in the movie, much to Patricia’s dispair.

The lips that Tim Curry is reclined across in many of the movie’s marketing belong to model Lorelei Shark.

Don’t Blow the Budget

The Rocky Horror movie was allocated a considerably large budget by 20TH Century Fox, with the proviso that the director casts current rock stars and icons in leading roles. Declining the offer and keeping the original cast the budget and time

By declining the offer and keeping the original cast, the budget and time constraints were significantly reduced. The director believes this largely contributed to the films amazing cult following.

Coveted role

Rolling Stones legendary frontman, Mick Jagger, desperately wanted to play the lead role of Frank -N -Furter. Being the showman and performer that he is, it might not have been such a bad thing.

Another famous face associated with the movie

The role of Eddie and Dr Scott were always played by the same people on stage. Meatloaf was incredibly disappointed when he could not play Dr Scott in the movie, insisting he did a brilliant Dr Scott.

In one stage production, from the theatre archives of Australia in 1988, we can see the talents of Russel Crowe skillfully taking on both roles of Dr Scott and Eddie and doing them justice, of course. Watch here.

Master of Make – up

How is it that Tim Curry sort of pulls of that amazing full face of theatrical make-up?

The same person who created David Bowie’s iconic Aladdin Sane album cover look, was responsible for Frank-N-Furter’s dramatic Transylvanian appearance.

That was of course until Tim Curry mastered it himself as he felt the process took too long.

First appearance of a British acting legend

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is to thank for bringing the talents of Tim Curry to the world. Rocky Horror was Curry’s feature film debut.

Since then we have seen him in Stephen King horror movie IT, alongside the muppets in Muppet Treasure Island, playing the villain in the musical Annie and a comedic role in Home Alone Two.

Props brought to midnight screenings

Here’s a list of props that people attending midnight showings of Rocky Horror bring along;

– Rice (to be thrown at Ralph and Betty’s wedding)
– Water pistols (back row squirts them during rain scene)
– Newspapers (for front and middle rows to shield themselves from rain)
– Flashlights or cigarette lighters
– Rubber gloves (during and after the creation speech, Frank snaps his gloves three times)
– Noisemakers (the Transylvanians applaud Frank’s creation – so should you)
– Toilet paper (when Brad yells “Great Scott!”, throw a roll)
– Confetti (at the end of the “Charles Atlas” reprise, the Transylvanians throw confetti)
– Toast (when Frank proposes a toast at dinner)
– Party hat (when Frank puts on his hat to wish Rocky happy birthday, so does the audience)
– Bell (“When we made it/did you hear a bell ring?”)
– Cards (“Cards for sorrow/cards for pain”)

Sick, sick Susan

Susan Sarandon had the flu which turned into pneumonia during filming.

Little surprise really after weeks of working in a leaky building with no heating and being flung into a pool clad in only fishnets and a basque.

An early symbol of gay rights

During the lab scene, the red triangle on Frank-N-Furters medical gown is a symbol that Nazi’s used to mark gay men in concentration camps.

The red triangle today symbolises gay rights, giving the film early links to the LGBTQ movements.

Definition of man

The actor that played Frank-n-Furter’s man creation Rocky had actually never acted and was an underwear model. He had no lines and his singing parts were dubbed. The man was literally used to be the symbol of the perfect man.

Auctioned hot pants

The actor who played Rocky sold his teeny tiny golden shorts at auction for just $1000.

Rocky Horror II, III and IV?

Richard O’Brien penned a second film to follow up the success of the first. The plot of Rocky Horror Shows His Heels, was to centre around Janet’s pregnancy with the baby of either, Rocky, Brad or Frank-N-Furter. The movie was never put into production due to original cast members

Another sequel written by O’Brien was titled Revenge of the Old Queen. Set on planet Transexual the plot focuses on the revenge of Frank-N Furter’s Mother, the Old Queen even Janet makes an appearance with her son, supposedly the son of Frank-N-Furter. This script has never been published and most likely never will be because of cast restrictions.

Finally, O’Brien wrote a full script for a play that he hoped would become a hit movie in the style of Rocky Horror. As yet untitled, the script used elements of Rocky Horror Shows His Heels and Revenge of the Old Queen and was destined for greatness. Sadly the entire project failed due to developmental issues.

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Opening Scene: Take #1

Arthouse hotel - reception

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Mad for musicals

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The Horrors of Hitchcock

Suspicion - Hitchcock floor- Arthouse hotel

One of the world’s greatest movie directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock, was well known for providing the shock factor in his psychologically thrilling movies.

As he once said;

there is no terror in the bang, only the anticipation”.

Well, sorry Alfred but we brought a big “bang” to our Hitchcock themed rooms that far exceeds any anticipation.

The enchanting mystery of thrilling movie Spellbound has been brought to life in the Spellbound room. Decadently dark décor and a ceiling embellished with quotes from the movie make for an interesting hotel visit.

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What about the Warhol floor?

Marilyn Monroe room - Arthouse hotel

Andy Warhol was the father of popular culture. He masterfully mixed the art world with celebrity lifestyle and corporate advertising and was a talented artist who became a figurehead in many avenues of artistic expression.

His coined phrase “15 Minutes of Fame” has been adapted into a stunning hotel room on our Warhol floor.

Warhol himself famously prophesied that;

“everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”

A prediction that has been realised today through reality TV shows that give everyday people the chance to be famous for at least 15 minutes.

Perhaps his most commercially successful movie directed was Chelsea Girls. A theme we chose to apply to our very own luxury hotel room. The Chelsea Girl’s movie depicts the lives of young socialites living at the Chelsea hotel in New York.

Cast members of the film included some of those dubbed Warhol’s Superstars. These individuals formed a select social circle of Warhol’s muses and served as his inspiration. Musicians, models actresses and socialites, who were basically the cool kids of the 60’s and 70’s.

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Let’s go to the movies

Arthouse hotel

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Fancy a drink?

Our very own Arthouse Bar is a great place to begin your evening. Our unique movie-themed cocktail menu includes the likes of Lizz Taylor Fizz and Ginger Cello Rodgers named for famous movie stars of times gone by.

Ginger cello Rodgers - best bars in Liverpool

As well as the quirky cocktails our bar serves a selection of fine ales, refreshing wines and premium spirits.

Just a few steps from the entrance to Arthouse Bar and our guests are in the heart of the Ropewalks district. Home to Alma de Cuba, Empire and Santa Chupitos all of which are known as the best bars in Liverpool for residents and visitors.

Food glorious food

Movie style food served at Arthouse Bar and Pizzeria

When visiting, a new city choosing the best restaurants to dine in can be a bit of a chore.

At Arthouse Bar and Pizzeria, our guests have huge selection of fun flick themed snacks served right in hotel.

If you and your party want to fill up before heading out into the night, then why not share a “Some like it Hot” pizza. A devilish dish with hotter than hot chilies and pepperoni all smothered in molten cheese.

For those of you who can’t handle the heat, how’s about a slice or two of “South Pacific”? Tropical style pineapple with lashings of Smokey ham.

Or if pizza is a little too much to take before a big night out in Liverpool our menu has some light bites that are perfect for a little nibble before a lot of partying.

Should you prefer to head out for your evening meal then Bold Street is lined with fabulous eateries all serving delectable dishes from around the globe.

There’s Mexican at Lucha Libre, Japanese soul food at Miyagi’s or even Indian street food at Mowgli.

This and a whole lot more can be found just moments away from Arthouse Hotel.

Fun and games

Your inner child will love a night out in the Seel Street area, starting with a game of Ping-Pong or, the more technical Beer Pong, in Arthouse Bar.

Simply gather your friends together and lay down your own tournament rules, then let games begin.

Play a round of friendlies or knockout matches with the whole bar, it all depends on how you rate your table tennis skills.

The fun and games don’t stop when you leave Arthouse either.

Make your way to Boston Pool Loft where you can try your hand at a popular OAP-cruise sport shuffleboard, or winter Olympic favourite miniature curling…and of course pool.

For those who miss their weekly family board game night should visit Liverpool’s Brew Dog and reignite their childhood competitive streak. Brew Dog’s selection of retro board games are free for the picking and are the perfect way to enjoy a little nostalgia during your night out in Liverpool.

When the night is no longer young

Warhol Lips room - Arthouse hotel

When you’ve lost your night fever and are ready to hop into bed, Arthouse Hotel will be no more than five minutes’ walk away from the best bars in Liverpool.

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20 Unknown facts about The Sound of Music

Die hard fans of The Sound of Music can stay at Arthouse hotel in a movie themed hotel room based on their favourite musical movie. Even the most devoted fans of the film may not know the magical musical movie was based on real memoirs written by Maria Von Trapp an actual nun that came to the Von Trapp family after Cpt Von Trapp’s first wife passed away from scarlet fever.

What’s more is that the Von Trapp family were actually a band that performed together for nearly thirty years in the US after escaping Salzburg during the Anschluss, the occupation of Austria by Nazi power.

Here are 20 more amazing facts from the filming of the movie even the biggest fans may not know.

Why the writer of Sound of Music memoirs was absent from premier

Maria Von Trapp, writer of Sound of Music memoirs was not invited to the premier of the movie. When she questioned this she was informed that sadly there were not enough seats. Although she did have a cameo part with her daughter in the early scenes.

 Cpt Von Trapp was a softy

Cpt Von Trapp’s actual family were disappointed in the way their father was portrayed and complained that he was not stern at all but the director refused to soften the character. It wouldn’t have been quite the same if we didn’t watch his heart warm to Maria and the children.

Julie Andrews gets the giggles

When Maria and Cpt Von Trapp kiss in the gazebo, the scene had to cut to a silhouette because Julie Andrew’s couldn’t stop giggling at the sound a piece of filming equipment was making. The darkness hiding her laughing face.

There were, even more, Von Trapp’s in reality

There were ten Von Trapp children and the eldest was a boy but this was changed to allow for the Liesel and Rolf sub-plot.

Cpt Von Trapp had seven children when Maria came to the home, after Maria and the Cpt were married they had a further three children together.

Reliving Anschluss

Directors feared for Salzburg resident’s reaction to Nazi flags being draped across buildings and soldiers in the street re-enacting Anschluss for the movie. Despite the Mayor’s reassurance that residents could cope quite well original footage of Anschluss was used instead.

A few misplaced facts

Historical inaccuracies caused the film to be pulled from German and Austrian cinemas 6 months before it was originally scheduled. Austrians were said to be upset about the way the move depicted Austrian culture. Famous actors of the time shunned the movie too. The included Audrey Hepburn, Eva Gabor, and Marlene Dietrich.

Famous actors of the time shunned the movie too including Audrey Hepburn, Eva Gabor, and Marlene Dietrich.

Lead actor not a fan of the movie

Source: 20th Century Fox | Wiki Commons

Christopher Plummer, who played Cpt Von Trapp, said working with Julie Andrews was like “being hit over the head with a giant Valentines card every day”. We think he may have meant this in a bad light even though it might be seen as quite endearing.

Drowning his sorrows

Plummer also disliked the film so much he drank and ate in excess putting on so much weight over 6 months his costume had to be altered for the music festival scenes.

Plummer has since admitted that during the music festival filming he was blind drunk.

Stunts gone wrong

Innovation strategy, accelerate R & D projects, R & D, R & D, food, food, research, development

The actress that plays little Gretel couldn’t swim and when the boat tips over in the lake it was written that Julie Andrews was to catch her and keep her afloat.

However, during filming, the boat tips, and Andrews is thrown backwards leaving little Gretel to fall, unaided, to the other side. An actress playing her sister had to save her from drowning.

When little Gretel surfaced the small girl had swallowed so much water she vomited on her rescuer’s shoulder.

Fast learners

Neither Christopher Plummer nor Julie Andrew’s could play the guitar before filming, both having to learn before the music guitar scenes were shot.

Bad Hollywood geography

The escape over the mountains was not only geographically inaccurate as Salzburg does not border with Switzerland.

Had the Von Trapp family taken to the hills that border Salzburg it is likely they would have hiked straight into Hitler’s summer retreat in the mountains.

A comedic preview of the movie

Julie Andrews did a spoof performance with Carol Burnett in 1962 titled ‘The Pratt Family Singers’ on her TV special Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall.

This was televised 3 years before the movie was released in 1965 and 2 years after the stage performance came in joint first place for the Tony Award for best musical of 1960.

The saviour of 20th Century Fox


Once the most successful musical film ever, The Sound of Music won 5 academy awards including best director and profits from the high-grossing move saved 20th Century Fox after the devastating financial effects the filming of Cleopatra had on the production company.

They grow up so fast

The Actor that played Fredrich also grew six inches during filming at the start he was forced to wear lifts in his shoes to appear taller than Liesel, by the end Liesel had to stand on a box when filming alongside him.

…and out

During the filming, Plummer isn’t the only actor who grew. Little Gretel put on so much weight during filming that in the final mountain scenes Plummer requested another smaller child replace Gretel to sit on his shoulders.

Maria Vs Mary

Julie Andrews almost turned down the role because of similarities to Mary Poppins which had just wrapped filming. It is unimaginable what the film would have been without Julie Andrews in the memorable leading role.

The kids come first

Some of the stories depicted in the movie are true, however, the real Maria did not, at first, come to the Von Trapp household to govern all the children. She came to the aide of Cpt of one of the daughters who contracted scarlet fever, after seeing the healing effect she had on his daughter, Cpt Von Trapp insisted she

She came to the aide of one of the younger Von Trapp daughters who had contracted scarlet fever. After seeing the healing effect she had on his daughter, Cpt Von Trapp insisted she remained at the house to govern the rest of his children.

From here Maria fell in love with the Von Trapp children claiming that when she married Cpt Von Trapp she didn’t love him but his children. It was only later that she fell in love with their father too.

Working with children

The actress who plays the second youngest daughter Marta was losing teeth throughout the six months of filming. By the end most of her visible teeth were false. But what an adorable smile she had.

100 days of The Sound of Music on a loop

If the world were to end by nuclear apocalypse between 1966 and 1993, those who chose to flee to BBC bunker would have been subjected to the Sound of Music played on a loop over 100 hundred days of TV programming.

One of the highest grossing movies of all time

Up until 2014, The Sound of Music was still the 5th highest grossing film of all time. Due to inflation adjustments, top grossing lists are difficult to pinpoint but today Sound of Music is still considered one of the highest grossing musicals. Topped only by the likes of Grease and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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