Marvellous Movie Midweek Liverpool Offer at Arthouse

Have you been looking for a special way to treat yourself in Liverpool during the week? Look no further than Arthouse Hotel. Liverpool’s newest movie-themed hotel been designed to accommodate visitors to the city who awant to enjoy a great night out on the town.

Come and experience the UK’s favourite party city destination when it’s a little less crowded and you can take advantage of the amazing mid-week offers in Liverpool’s best bars.

Choose Your Movie

Arthouse hotel reception

At Arthouse Hotel, there are three fabulous floors each designed with a movie themed concept in mind.

The first floor has a choice of iconic musical movies such as Grease, Yellow Submarine and Chicago. So, if you enjoy singing along to the toe-tapping songs from these tuneful classics then chose a movie themed room from the first floor.

Up to the next floor which is one for the horror fans among you. Welcome to our thrilling Hitchcock themed floor where a selection of the celebrated director’s most memorable movies has inspired each of our second-floor rooms.

Enjoy a dizzying night in Vertigo, a terrifying night with The Birds or even spend a night in Suspicion on our Hitchcock movie themed floor.

Finally, the third-floor accommodation was inspired by the iconic master of mixed media, Andy Warhol. Not instantly known for his movie making skills, Warhol’s movies were controversial of course, which gave them their underground appeal.

Choose a room inspired by the well-known portraits of Marilyn Monroe or his recreation of classical Renaissance paintings. Perhaps treat yourself in Liverpool to a night spent in a room inspired by The Chelsea Girls. A controversial film about life in a hotel that earned 10x its filming budget within the first 19 weeks of screening in New York.

Whether you enjoy a sweet singalong, a thrilling horror or something a little more provocative, Arthouse Hotel has the room for you.

Pick your restaurant

The Bastion at the Shankly Hotel, where a Fab Four and Shanks tour operates from

During your overnight stay, we have two fabulous restaurants where you can choose to dine for your evening meal.

The Bastion Bar and Restaurant is located within the award-winning Shankly Hotel and provides a delicious varied menu created by talented chefs. They use locally sourced seasonal ingredients to design dishes that are special and can be enjoyed by everybody. Book your evening meal here and enjoy the family friendly atmosphere and stunningly chic décor.

Our Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant can be found atop Liverpool’s exquisite Titanic themed hotel 30 James Street. The perfect location provides visitors with stunning views of Albert Dock and the World Heritage Waterfront from the elegant rooftop terrace. Once seated you can treat yourself in Liverpool from a delightful menu of fine dining quality dishes served with a twist.

No matter which of our city centre restaurants you choose to dine from on the evening of your stay, both are ideally located to continue into Liverpool and enjoy a night experiencing the stylish city-centre nightlife.

Stay and dine for £99

Stay and Dine at Arthouse hotel

This amazing overnight midweek offer in Arthouse Hotel is just £99. The offer includes an overnight stay from Sunday to Thursday in one of the marvellous movie themed Liverpool hotel rooms and a delicious meal in either the Carpathia or the Bastion Bar and Restaurant.

What better way to treat yourself in Liverpool than spending an evening in a marvellous movie themed room with an evening meal included from Arthouse hotel?

Call on 0151 601 8801 or email to book your stay today.

5 Rooms at Arthouse Hotel to Make a Song and Dance About

After the release of La-La Land, it’s official, musicals are back, for most of us they may have never left. At Arthouse Hotel we have dedicated an entire floor to musicals with a series of musical themed Liverpool hotel rooms perfect for a group visit to Liverpool.

Here are our top 5 musical themed Liverpool hotel rooms that you can definitely make a song and dance about.

Mary Poppins

Julie Andrews Mary Poppins

Starring the mummy of musicals, Julie Andrews, as a magical woman who can fly. Mary Poppins the movie had us all wishing our parents would hire her to be our nanny.

We wanted to look into her bottomless carpet bag and be given the gift of tidying our room with a click of our fingers.

At Arthouse Hotel, we’ve provided our guests with a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious place to stay in Liverpool. Step into this luxurious Liverpool hotel room that has space for up to 6 guests, it’s very own kitchenette and a wonderfully whimsical décor.

Our Mary Poppins suite comes with everything you need for a great visit to Liverpool. For your entertainment, there’s a large flat screen TV and Bluetooth music systems perfect for a little sing along as well as a stunning bathroom suite with a double whirlpool bath and shower.

Mary Poppins - musical movie themed Liverpool hotel room

What’s more Arthouse Hotel has easy access to Liverpool’s most exciting nightlife just moments from the front door? You and your party can ‘Kick your Knees Up’ to your favourite chart topping tunes in Liverpool’s favourite bars and clubs close by.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Cast

One of the world’s favourite musicals, with its whacky and wild all-star cast including legends like Tim Curry, Richard O’Brien, Susan Sarandon and Meatloaf.

The catchy toe-tapping tunes and a weird and wonderful film plot made this low budget creation the cult movie masterpiece it is today. That and a healthy dose of live audience participation at cinemas screening the film for over 30 years.

Our movie themed Liverpool hotel room dedicated to Rocky Horror is out of this world, literally, from another planet. The planet Transylvania to be precise.

Book a stay in The Rocky Horror Picture Show room and get lost in a world where suspenders and fishnets are perfectly acceptable attire. Enjoy sleeping surrounded by dark and decadent décor under a giant pair of luscious red lips and make the most of the stunning red tiled bathroom taking a dip in the deep bath tub.

Rocky Horror - musical movie themed Liverpool hotel room

This is one ‘Hot Patootie’ of a musical movie themed Liverpool hotel room, one that will make you feel as though you’ve been sucked into a ‘Time Warp’ from which you don’t want to escape.

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road

This marvellous movie introduced us to the magic of Technicolour and no opportunity was wasted to show us just how technicolour-ful the wonderful world of Oz was. The shining Emerald City, the glistening ruby red slippers and who can forget the cast skipping down the bright yellow brick road.

There’ll be no running from evil witches or flying monkeys in our spectacular Wizard of Oz room.

Sleeping up to 6 guests in comfortable double beds, the Wizard of Oz room is perfect for a group get together in Liverpool. With its very own stylish kitchenette and a luxurious bathroom complete with double whirlpool bath, the Wizard of Oz room is as far from Kansas as you could hope to get.

Wizard of Oz - musical movie themed Liverpool hotel room

So, join us ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ and celebrate like the munchkins do, when you check into our Wizard of Oz musical themed Liverpool hotel room.

Sound of Music

Sound of music - Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews steals the show again. This most epic of musical movies depicts an impossible true love story set against stunning scenery with an unforgettable soundtrack of show-stopping tunes.

The Sound of Music is quite possibly the most memorable musical movie of all time and makes a splendid addition to our musical themed Liverpool hotel room selection at Arthouse Hotel.

We guarantee that The Sound of Music will quickly become one of your ‘Favourite things’, along with ‘whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens’.

The stunning suite has been decorated to reflect pure Hollywood glamour with champagne coloured bedding, large screen TV’s, and a sublime bathroom with a double whirlpool bath.

Sound of Music - musical movie themed Liverpool hotel room

After a visit to our Sound of Music movie themed Liverpool hotel room, you’ll never want to stay anywhere else.


Grease Gang

Where most of us got an unrealistic portrayal of what to expect at high school only to be let down by the lack of singing in the classrooms and the absence of girl and guy groups like the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies.

Grease is one of the most iconic musical movies of all time and inspiration for our Grease movie themed Liverpool hotel room.

This is ‘The One that You Want’ as far as group accommodation in Liverpool is concerned. Sleeping up to 6 guests in super stylish surroundings under the watchful eyes of superstars Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

Enjoy the superb facilities of this amazing city centre hotel room such as a fully integrated kitchenette, stunning bathroom suite including a double whirlpool bath. There’s also a large flat screen TV to watch during your stay and Bluetooth music systems to get the party started at night.

Grease - musical movie themed Liverpool hotel room

Whether you were ‘Born to Hand Jive’ or feel like you’ve been ‘Stranded at the Drive In’, a stay in our Grease themed hotel room will leave you feeling like ‘Greased Lightning’.

Arthouse Hotel

Arthouse Hotel reception

Revel in the wonder that is a musical movie by staying in anyone of our Arthouse musical themed Liverpool hotel rooms and we guarantee you an unforgettable night you’ll cherish forever.

The best of Liverpool’s exciting nightlife is right on the doorstep, so no matter where you end up partying your hotel room is never too far away.

Book to stay in style at Arthouse Hotel and celebrate your favourite musical, a special occasion in Liverpool or just a short break in the UK’s favourite city using one of our amazing group accommodation offers.

Live in a Yellow Submarine in this Beatles inspired hotel room

Where would a Liverpool themed hotel be without a nod to the Fab Four themselves? Having given their name to five feature films over the course of their career, there was one that stood out as the only option for a movie-themed room, Yellow Submarine. With its psychedelic adventure through various exciting landscapes gave a wealth of inspiration for a stylish, but era-appropriate setting for your Hard Day’s Night.

A ground-breaking movie

Yellow Submarine was released in 1968 and marked The Beatles’ third appearance on the silver screen. The band was unhappy with their previous acting endeavour ‘Help!’ (1965) and were wary of taking on another feature film, but they saw it as a quick way to honour their commitment to United Artists for their three-film contract. There was also apprehension about the concept of delving into more animation after the mid-60s American cartoon TV series, ‘The Beatles’, proved not to be to their taste. They passed their name for use, but the voices of the Liverpool-born quartet were provided by actors for the film.

The team of unknown artists had to get creative with their animation techniques thanks to working on a budget of £1 million in a tiny London studio, trying methods never seen before in the world of cartoons. Most notable of these unusual techniques is the use of postcards to create stop motion animation.

John, Paul, George and Ringo ended up being so impressed with the creativity and uniqueness of the film that they agreed to feature in a short live action cameo at the end. In the appearance, the boys discuss their souvenirs from the trip and reprise a rendition of ‘All Together Now’.

The movie received widespread critical acclaim and proved itself to be a box office hit. It was one of the first animations to step outside the realm of simple cartoons just for kids, Yellow Submarine proved that animation can be artistic and suitable for both adults and children alike.

Join the Beatlemania

Want to have a Beatle-mad weekend? As the home of the band that changed the world, there’s an endless list of Beatles-themed activities in the city. Bring together music and football with The Shankly Hotel’s Fab 4 and Shanks Tour, taking you to all the must-see Beatles landmarks and on an exclusive tour of Bill Shankly’s history with the city. End the trip with a free drink and 20% off at The Shankly Hotel’s stunning Bastion Bar and Restaurant.

The Bastion at the Shankly Hotel, where a Fab Four and Shanks tour operates from

Or take a cab ride with the Fab Four Taxi Tour, choose your favourite Beatle and take a John, Paul, George or Ringo themed tour lasting between two and five hours. See the childhood homes, and visit the places that inspired the band’s most famous songs from Penny Lane, to Strawberry Fields and even Eleanor Rigby’s tombstone.

A must-see for every Beatles fan is The Beatles Story at The Albert Dock, this museum takes you on a journey through history from The Quarrymen all the way to Imagine. The Beatles museum has exclusive memorabilia, including John Lennon’s iconic glasses and original artwork, and see a recreated Cavern Club with some of the band’s first guitars and drums from the days of playing small, underground venues. Bring the kids along for the adventure in the Discovery Zone, with interactive activities and costumes for dressing up in 60’s and 70’s styles.

The Beatles Story, Liverpool

Don’t go home without stopping for a drink in the iconic Cavern Club, where The Beatles played their first live gigs and the place where they were discovered by Brian Epstein. With live music throughout the day from tribute bands and up and coming Liverpool artists, you’ll be transported back to the early sixties in a time where rock n roll ruled. Grab a picture with the John Lennon statue outside and browse the names etched on the brick wall that pays tribute to all the bands that have performed at the famous club.

After seeing John Lennon on Mathew Street set out on a mission to find all statues and sculptures dedicated to the Beatles around the city. Visit the bronze foursome at Pier Head, sit with Eleanor Rigby on Stanley Street, admire the ‘Four Lads Who Shook the World’ sculpture on Mathew Street and admire the John Lennon Peace Monument at Kings Dock.

Bronze Beatles Statues at Pier Head, Liverpool

Live in the Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Submarine room at The Arthouse Hotel is perfect for any Beatles lover to delve into Pepperland and be submerged in A Day in the Life of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Our psychedelic inspired luxury suite can sleep up to a Fab Four, with a luxury double and two single beds. Dip into the whirlpool bath before heading out to Penny Lane, or admire the Yellow Submarine artwork that covers the ceiling. With a little help from your friends, a stay at The Arthouse Hotel will be a visit you’ll remember when you’re sixty-four.

Yellow Submarine room at The Arthouse Hotel Liverpool

Call on 0151 601 8801 or email to book your stay in the city that birthed the greatest musical legends of all time.

Hen Party Movie Themed Fancy Dress Ideas from Arthouse Hotel

Is there anything more exciting than planning your best mates hen do? Where to go, what to do and most importantly what to wear. It can be quite a challenge. Our marvellous movie themed hotel has oodles of inspiration for the perfect movie themed Hen Party Fancy dress ideas and when you book to stay at Arthouse Hotel we will help you throw a Hen Party in Liverpool that’s unlike any other.

We’ve come up with a selection of fun themes that were inspired by the classic movies and icons of our time. Each of them are easy to adpat into one of kind movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas.

Hitchcock’s Horror Hotties

Alfred Hitchcock’s leading ladies were icy blonde, cool, clever and cunning but above all they were glamorous.

Actresses like Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Tippi Hendren and Joan Fontaine oozed sex appeal and had an unfailing ability to portray Hitchcock’s deepest darkest horror scenes.

How to channel this into fancy dress, though? Well, as we have a Hitchcock floor we have plenty of ideas.

To start with, each of Hitchcock’s most successful movies has an iconic scene that encapsulates the entire movie. Recreating these unforgettable movie moments will make for an amazing Hen Party fancy dress theme.

In The Birds, it’s the phone booth scene where Tippi Hendren’s character is trapped in a small phone booth being pelted with crazed killer birds. Yet she still retains her glamorous sheen with perfectly polished red nails, barley their glamorous makeup, bouncy ice blonde hair and of course that unforgettable green suit.

The Birds - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

Grace Kelly was one of Hitchcock’s favourite leading ladies with so many roles to choose from.

We’d go for the moments when Kelly looks her best. Perhaps in that fetching black and white number, she wore in Rear Window. Easily recreated with a massive white tulle skirt and off the shoulder black top. Complete the look with a string of pearls with matching earrings rose petal red lips and swept back hair.

The list of stunning women to choose from is endless, their outfits and looks all glamorous and easy to replicate. For unique movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas take inspiration from the Hitchcock floor at Arthouse Hotel Liverpool.

Stars of the Silver Screen

At Arthouse Hotel we love ourselves a glamorous Hollywood starlet. Take Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in that iconic little black dress, immaculate beehive hairdo and huge Victoria Beckham style shades.

Audrey Hepburn - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas


Or perhaps channel sex bomb Marilyn Monroe in a flowing white barley their dress, complete with a blood red pout and platinum blonde bouffant.

For somebody a little different we took a dive into ancient movie archives and found actress Faye Wray from King Kong. Easy to replicate by slashing up a simple white gown and posing with our very own King Kong sat right in Arthouse Bar.

King Kong - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

And who could forget the ultimate leading lady Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra? Okay, not quite the silver screen but boy did she look good in that movie.

Each silver screen starlet is stunning, chic and the perfect inspiration for movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas.

Wonderfully Wacky Warhol

A truly fun theme to use for Hen Party fancy dress is Andy Warhol’s world of whimsy which we so happen to have recreated on our Warhol floor at Arthouse Hotel.

Warhols movies however may not instantly spring to mind so instead why not simply use Warhol’s art?

His colourful artwork is iconic, from the wildly colourful images of Marilyn Monroe to his recreations of masterpieces like the Double Mona Lisa. Of course, there’s always that tin of Campbell’s soup too but we’ll leave that off the list unless you think you can rock the look.

Or why not replicate the glamorous attire of the elite partygoers that used to frequent Studio 54 in its heydey?

Warhol among others was a regular at the infamous disco club, memorable for its wild parties and stylish celebrity clientele. Pop on a sequin jumpsuit or a pair of hotpants or larger than life bell bottoms, do your hair to match and you’ve nailed it.

A Studio 54/Warhol fancy dress inspired by Arthouse Hotel’s very own Warhol-themed floor.

Marvellous Musical Movie Moments

Musicals are a well-used source of inspiration for movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas and there are tonnes of great looks to go for.

The American high school rebels from Grease are always a winner. But put a twist on this one and make your Bride-to-be centre of attention.

Let the lady of the hour choose between the sweet and innocent Sandy with a full 50’s skirt and demure cropped cardigan or the made over Sandy with skin tight leather look pants and killer heels. The rest of the girls can then be either her preppy admirers or bad-boy T-Birds, trying to catch her eye.

Grease - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

Other choices inspired by our musical floor at Arthouse Hotel include Chicago where you ladies can mimic the looks of glamourous 1920’s convicts Catherine Zeta-Jones and Rene Zellweger’s sultry characters Thelma and Roxy.

Chicago - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

Perhaps slip into a time warp taking inspiration from our Rocky Horror Picture Show suite. Break out the fishnets, sequins and French maids outfits for this one ladies.

Rocky Horror- movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

At Arthouse Hotel, our musical floor provides endless movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas, it’s all about how you bring them together.

Book to stay at Arthouse Hotel

Movie themed rooms Arthouse Hotel

There’s plenty of inspiration to be taken from films of old. The challenge is to come up with unique movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas. Ones that haven’t been seen before and are still glamorous and easy to pull off. Use Arthouse Hotel as your inspiration during a Hen Party in Liverpool.

To book your Hen Party in Liverpool at Arthouse Hotel call 0151 601 8801 or email Not only do we have amazing movie themed group accommodation located in the centre of Liverpool’s most exciting nightlife district, our group suites are perfect for Hen Parties.

The rooms include superb facilities such as Bluetooth sound systems, chic modern bathrooms and flat-screen TVs. Every room is equipped with comfortable double beds and there’s enough space for you and your party to get dressed up together and enjoy a little party in the room before heading down to Arthouse Bar for some delicious movie-themed cocktails.

For a truly unique movie themed Hen Party unlike any other Arthouse Hotel in Liverpool is the only choice for qualtiy group accommodation.

St Patrick’s Day at Arthouse Hotel

 St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool is a celebration like no other.

For three days straight, the people of Liverpool, its adopted Irish and many visors come to the city for a magnificent party complete with parades, buckets of Guinness and of course B*witched.

There is a whole host of events happening in Liverpool for St Patrick’s Day, why not check out our complete guide to Paddy’s Day here.

St Patrick’s Day weekend at Arthouse Hotel and Arthouse Bar & Pizzeria is set to be a magnificent occasion with the very best music, drink offers and a party atmosphere to ensure that this is a weekend you’ll never forget.

Stylish Accommodation

Each room within the magnificent Arthouse Hotel has been designed with movie lovers in mind. Whether you’re in love with your chick flicks, know every word to the best musicals around or enjoy nothing more than being scarred by classic horrors, then we have the perfect suite for you.

Our suites are finished to the highest standard with stunning interiors, luxury single and double beds throughout, waterfall showers and your favourite movie scenes, quotes or song lyrics adorning the walls. With plush crushed velvet throws, chesterfield walls and flat screen TV’s, you’ll really feel like you’re staying in a Hollywood movie set.

Themed suites include Grease, Rocky Horror Show, Chicago and Chelsea Girls to name a few, so choose your favourite and have a night to remember.

City Centre Location

Arthouse Hotel is located in the very heart of Liverpool’s vibrant nightlife district of Ropewalks on Seel Street.

This diverse area offers an eclectic selection of bars, restaurants and nightclubs all providing the party goers of Liverpool with a night out they’ll never forget.

Spending your St Patrick’s Day weekend at Arthouse Hotel provides you with the luxury of avoiding the struggle of getting a taxi home. Evade the endless queues in the cold weather and take a short walk back to your hotel where you can soak in a hot bath, dive in a luxury bed or cosy up with your friends for a good old debrief of the night behind you.

Movie Snacks

Need to fuel up before a big Paddy’s night out? Arthouse Bar & Pizzeria is open till late serving all of the very best movie-themed snacks including hot dogs, pizza, flavoured popcorn and nachos to ensure your night starts in the most delicious way.

Join the giant gorilla for a bite to eat, movie-themed cocktail and some great music for the perfect start to your Paddy’s weekend on Seel Street.

Perfect Packages

We want to make sure your St Patrick’s Day weekend is one you’ll never forget which is why we have a number of unique packages designed for you.

From balloons upon arrival to prosecco, cakes and organising a booth at one of our popular bars such as Bar Signature, Arthouse or Noctua, our experienced team can take off every aspect so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Simply call our sales team on 0151 601 8801 where someone will be happy to make your St Patrick’s Day extra special.

Stay with Arthouse Hotel for National Alfred Hitchcock Day

A director so talented and there’s even a national day to celebrate his impact on the filming industry and the methods of his truly amazing talent. Visit Liverpool on the 12th of March and celebrate National Alfred Hitchcock Day at Arthouse hotel.

We looked into the reasons Hitchcock is still such a celebrated talent today.

A master of suspense

It’s one thing to create realistic gory scenes, or play on the fears and insecurities of your audience but without suspense or a connection to the characters, it’s all just for show.

After watching any of Hitchcock’s creations his audience is left with a sense of foreboding, and terror that doesn’t stop when the movie does.

It is Hitchcock’s method is to imply terror rather than portray it. In turn, we, the audience, fill in the details he intentionally left out with our imagination.

As with modern day films of today, the less we see the more we are scared. Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity and even found footage sci-fi/horror Cloverfield, keep us hooked by shielding us from the very thing that is terrifying the cast.

It’s not many directors who were able to achieve this level of audience captivation without exhibiting something for them to be scared by. This is where the talents of Hitchcock’s casting and filming techniques come into play.

Father of modern filmmaking

Using unique camera angles and motion technique was a pioneering move from Hitchcock that gave audiences a sense of being inside the movie.

In Vertigo the audience shares a paralysing sense of fear experienced by the main character through the use of a camera trick called the “Dolly technique”. The camera stays focused on one point and zooms out whilst physically moving towards the focus at the same time.


Simplicity is often the best policy when it comes to filming and Hitchcock’s uncomplicated use of lighting in Suspicion is ingenious.

Simply by placing a light in the glass of milk, Cary Grant is bringing to Joan Fontaine, the audience’s eye is drawn to the glass. Without explicitly saying so, or even implying with action, the audience comes to suspects the milk is poisoned.

These are just a few of the ways in which Hitchcock created his own visual dialect, one that was instantly understood and admired by his audience.

Those memorable leading ladies

It is said that Hitchcock picked his leading ladies out of Freudian interest, whilst he himself believed his choices were made for the effect of the film.

Hitchcock felt that blondes made the best victims because they were like fresh snow that showed up the blood more effectively. A lot of sceptics say that Hitchcock modelled the leading roles around his own mother and then went on to punish them in his films.

Joan Fontaine appeared in two of Hitchcock’s movies, one of which she won an Oscar for. Surprisingly Joan Fontaine was the only actor to ever win an academy award for their work with Hitchcock.

Grace Kelly was Hitchcock’s most elegant leading lady, after becoming Princess of Monaco, Hitchcock tried time and again to get her to portray another of his lead roles. Hitchcock’s well-known foot fetish even saw him spend half an hour directing close ups of Grace Kelly’s shoes without ever using the footage.

Ingrid Bergman was one actress whose work with Hitchcock is among the most celebrated in her career. She affectionately referred to Hitchcock as an “adorable genius” something I’m sure other leading ladies of his would heavily dispute. Not the genius but certainly the adorable.

Tippi Hendren, in particular, has recounted stories of Hitchcock’s maniacal methodology when attempting to provoke emotional responses from his actors. According to Tippi, she recalls Hitchcock surprising her with live birds that were meant to be mechanical in the chilling attic scene from The Birds.

Tippi even alluded to Hitchcock making advances towards her during filming and said he punished her as a result with other cruel or callous methods, all said to be done in the name of the film.

Hitchcock certainly showed his leading ladies a great deal of attention, whether praise, affection or simply by tormenting them. It seems whatever his relationship was with each actress it paid off by producing some of the most memorable film footage of all time.

37 clever cameos

Ever the showman Hitchcock couldn’t help but appear in scenes of his movies. A great way to spend National Alfred Hitchcock Day would be to sit and try and spot each of his 37 cameos.

We’ve listed a few here to get you going;

The Birds – Hitchcock exits the pet shop in the opening scenes with two dogs, both of which are his own.

Psycho – Hitchcock appears outside an office under a Stetson-style cowboy hat.

Rear Window – Hitchcock can be seen winding a clock in the background of one apartment being spied into.

Spellbound – spot the director coming out of a lift holding a violin case.

Lifeboat – he even shows up on the back of a newspaper ad in a before and after shot for weight loss.

Why did Hitchcock enjoy appearing in his movies so?

It seems that his intentions were mixed. Whilst in some movies he appears moments before a particular action or plot scene, sometimes his cameo is merely for kicks. An example can be found in his intention to appear as a deaf-mute in Notorious who gets slapped for signing something lude to a pretty girl but was never used being banned by producers.

Other times his appearance in movies or trailers was to increase audience awareness of his creation. His movie trailers were done with a particular creative genius that mocked his audience at the same time as endearing them to him.

Hitchcock knew how to engage people’s interest. By showcasing himself, he quickly ensured he was the most recognised director of his time. So much so that just a profile shot of Hitchcock today is enough to recognise the great man.

Manipulating marketing methods

Today the power of social media and advertising has reached new heights. Back in Hitchcock’s day, however, there wasn’t the ability to engage the masses with a clever Facebook campaign or viral video release.

Hitchcock took matters into his own hands and utilised his ability to manipulate the audience with clever suggestion and implication.

Psycho, for example, was screened at theatres with a strict rule from the director preventing late seating. This stopped anybody entering showing once it had started, resulting in creating an uninterrupted atmosphere for the seated audience and a feeling of suspense for those too late to watch. The queues that formed at ticket booths also gave the impression that this was a must-see movie.

Another fabulous trick Hitchcock adopted was mocking his audience’s usual choice of summer holiday in a trailer for North by Northwest. Hitchcock playfully offered an alternative holiday based on the route of his character in the movie he takes his audience on a tour across the country. His use of dry humour to added punch to his delivery and showed his audience how witty his new movie was sure to be. The trailer endeared his audience with his playfulness, and again manipulated their response to his movie.

Because Hitchcock’s audience could relate to him, they found it easier to then relate to his work. In turn, because Hitchcock’s characters are said to be based upon his own inner characters, his audience relate to each character as well.

Hitchcock employed much more than what we can physically see on screen to make his movie great, a master of his craft and why we celebrate National Alfred Hitchcock Day on the 12th of March each year.

Stay with us on Alfred Hitchcock day

Book your stay in one of our Hitchcock themed suites at Arthouse hotel, and step into our luxury Liverpool hotel rooms that are representations of the marvellous movies made by the master of suspense.

Call on 0151 601 8801 or email and we guarantee you a great night spent at the heart of Liverpool’s most exciting nightlife district.