Famous for 50 Years: Warhol’s famous for 15 minutes turns 50 this year!

“In the future everyone in the world will be famous for at least 15 minutes” Andy Warhol 1968

Never a truer statement uttered, and this prophetic quote from Warhol accurately predicted the social media frenzy that has swept the world today.

Fifty years on and we live in a world where everyone can easily have their fifteen minutes of fame. Whether it’s from social media success, reality appearances on TV, or even going viral in a meme or YouTube video, fame is attainable, yet as Warhol’s coined phrase foretold, it is extremely fickle.

Famous for 15 minutes - Andy Warhol

source: Amuse – Vice

If, however, you were one of Warhol’s Superstars it seems fame didn’t stop after 15 minutes but lived on like Warhol’s legend and his work.

Here we look at some of the people who surrounded Warhol during his most creative years and how by simply knowing him they were preserved in fame along with his art and film works.

More than 15 minutes . . .

Many of those who encountered Warhol gleaned more than 15 minutes of fame from their time as either his muse or companion learn a little more about those who were famous for 15 minutes and more.


UltraViolet - Famous for 15 minutes - Andy Warhol

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One of “Warhol’s Superstars” who penned confessional memoirs titled “Famous for Fifteen Minutes”, was UltraViolet.

The book is a tell-all about the life Isabella Collin Dufrense, a convent educated heiress from France who met Warhol in 1963 after being introduced by her friend Salvador Dali. She changed her name to Ultra Violet at the suggestion of Warhol and went on to star in over a dozen of his filmed art pieces.

Ultra Violet was Warhol’s muse for a fleeting time, her own 15 minutes were far from over though as she went on to become a successful solo artist in her own right and a sought-after contributor to lectures and exhibitions around the world.


Viva - Famous for 15 minutes - Andy Warhol

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Janet Susan Mary Hoffman, like Isabella Dufrense, was born into wealth and raised a devout Catholic and even considered becoming a nun.

Instead, Janet chose a career as a model and painter, both of which she gave up declaring that painting was a lost art and ended up meeting Warhol who gave her the name Viva.

After meeting Warhol, Viva’s film career began as she took the place of UltraViolet as his muse and stared in roles which often involved nudity or sexual scenes.

Following her career with Warhol Viva went onto star in other movies from Agnes Varda’s Lions Love to Woody Allen’s Play it Again, Sam.

Viva went on to write her own book about life in The Factory with Warhol titled Superstars, and now lives a life in Palm Springs painting landscapes.

Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick - Famous for 15 minutes - Andy Warhol

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Like so many of Warhol’s Superstars, Edie Sedgwick was from a wealthy family who went far back into the richest societies of America. She was drawn into Warhol’s orbit at a party and the pair were set up, despite Warhol being gay, the two had a passionate romance.

Known as the next generation Marilyn Monroe, it’s clear why Warhol fell in love with Edie, his own Marilyn obsession was reflected in her, she became Warhol’s Marilyn.

In April 1965, Edie was the girl of the year for Warhol. She went on to star in 10 of his filmed pieces starting with “Poor Little Rich Girl”.

As fast as their love had begun it ended with Edie leaving Andy, both his work and his side.

She went from the artistic world of Warhol to the musical world of Bob Dylan and went onto star in a few more of Warhol’s films before overdosing at the age of 28.

Edie Sedgwick is remembered today as a party girl, a fashion icon and the new age answer to Marilyn Monroe.

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