Hen Party Movie Themed Fancy Dress Ideas from Arthouse Hotel

Is there anything more exciting than planning your best mates hen do? Where to go, what to do and most importantly what to wear. It can be quite a challenge. Our marvellous movie themed hotel has oodles of inspiration for the perfect movie themed Hen Party Fancy dress ideas and when you book to stay at Arthouse Hotel we will help you throw a Hen Party in Liverpool that’s unlike any other.

We’ve come up with a selection of fun themes that were inspired by the classic movies and icons of our time. Each of them are easy to adpat into one of kind movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas.

Hitchcock’s Horror Hotties

Alfred Hitchcock’s leading ladies were icy blonde, cool, clever and cunning but above all they were glamorous.

Actresses like Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Tippi Hendren and Joan Fontaine oozed sex appeal and had an unfailing ability to portray Hitchcock’s deepest darkest horror scenes.

How to channel this into fancy dress, though? Well, as we have a Hitchcock floor we have plenty of ideas.

To start with, each of Hitchcock’s most successful movies has an iconic scene that encapsulates the entire movie. Recreating these unforgettable movie moments will make for an amazing Hen Party fancy dress theme.

In The Birds, it’s the phone booth scene where Tippi Hendren’s character is trapped in a small phone booth being pelted with crazed killer birds. Yet she still retains her glamorous sheen with perfectly polished red nails, barley their glamorous makeup, bouncy ice blonde hair and of course that unforgettable green suit.

The Birds - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

Grace Kelly was one of Hitchcock’s favourite leading ladies with so many roles to choose from.

We’d go for the moments when Kelly looks her best. Perhaps in that fetching black and white number, she wore in Rear Window. Easily recreated with a massive white tulle skirt and off the shoulder black top. Complete the look with a string of pearls with matching earrings rose petal red lips and swept back hair.

The list of stunning women to choose from is endless, their outfits and looks all glamorous and easy to replicate. For unique movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas take inspiration from the Hitchcock floor at Arthouse Hotel Liverpool.

Stars of the Silver Screen

At Arthouse Hotel we love ourselves a glamorous Hollywood starlet. Take Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in that iconic little black dress, immaculate beehive hairdo and huge Victoria Beckham style shades.

Audrey Hepburn - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

source; www.shadesdaddyblog.com

Or perhaps channel sex bomb Marilyn Monroe in a flowing white barley their dress, complete with a blood red pout and platinum blonde bouffant.

For somebody a little different we took a dive into ancient movie archives and found actress Faye Wray from King Kong. Easy to replicate by slashing up a simple white gown and posing with our very own King Kong sat right in Arthouse Bar.

King Kong - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

And who could forget the ultimate leading lady Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra? Okay, not quite the silver screen but boy did she look good in that movie.

Each silver screen starlet is stunning, chic and the perfect inspiration for movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas.

Wonderfully Wacky Warhol

A truly fun theme to use for Hen Party fancy dress is Andy Warhol’s world of whimsy which we so happen to have recreated on our Warhol floor at Arthouse Hotel.

Warhols movies however may not instantly spring to mind so instead why not simply use Warhol’s art?

His colourful artwork is iconic, from the wildly colourful images of Marilyn Monroe to his recreations of masterpieces like the Double Mona Lisa. Of course, there’s always that tin of Campbell’s soup too but we’ll leave that off the list unless you think you can rock the look.

Or why not replicate the glamorous attire of the elite partygoers that used to frequent Studio 54 in its heydey?

Warhol among others was a regular at the infamous disco club, memorable for its wild parties and stylish celebrity clientele. Pop on a sequin jumpsuit or a pair of hotpants or larger than life bell bottoms, do your hair to match and you’ve nailed it.

A Studio 54/Warhol fancy dress inspired by Arthouse Hotel’s very own Warhol-themed floor.

Marvellous Musical Movie Moments

Musicals are a well-used source of inspiration for movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas and there are tonnes of great looks to go for.

The American high school rebels from Grease are always a winner. But put a twist on this one and make your Bride-to-be centre of attention.

Let the lady of the hour choose between the sweet and innocent Sandy with a full 50’s skirt and demure cropped cardigan or the made over Sandy with skin tight leather look pants and killer heels. The rest of the girls can then be either her preppy admirers or bad-boy T-Birds, trying to catch her eye.

Grease - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

Other choices inspired by our musical floor at Arthouse Hotel include Chicago where you ladies can mimic the looks of glamourous 1920’s convicts Catherine Zeta-Jones and Rene Zellweger’s sultry characters Thelma and Roxy.

Chicago - movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

Perhaps slip into a time warp taking inspiration from our Rocky Horror Picture Show suite. Break out the fishnets, sequins and French maids outfits for this one ladies.

Rocky Horror- movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas

At Arthouse Hotel, our musical floor provides endless movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas, it’s all about how you bring them together.

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Movie themed rooms Arthouse Hotel

There’s plenty of inspiration to be taken from films of old. The challenge is to come up with unique movie themed Hen Party fancy dress ideas. Ones that haven’t been seen before and are still glamorous and easy to pull off. Use Arthouse Hotel as your inspiration during a Hen Party in Liverpool.

To book your Hen Party in Liverpool at Arthouse Hotel call 0151 601 8801 or email info@signatureliving.co.uk. Not only do we have amazing movie themed group accommodation located in the centre of Liverpool’s most exciting nightlife district, our group suites are perfect for Hen Parties.

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