Room Description

Echoing the extravagance of the Rocky Horror Show, our fantastic Rocky Horror themed room invites up to six guests to step into a time warp. This dazzling suite is perfect for booking group accommodation in the city centre with family or friends.

Amenities include dark interiors and chesterfield walls, deluxe cosy beds and a relaxing bath. Guests will also find a stylish kitchenette for a home away from home, and can take some time out in front of the large screen TV.

Situated right around the corner from Liverpool’s most vibrant bars and restaurants, leading high-street shops and famous landmarks, this is the perfect place for an unforgettable stay in Liverpool.

Film Bio

Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an iconic musical, comedy and horror film directed by Jim Sharman. Adapted from the original musical stage production, the 1975 film tells the story of a newly engaged couple whose car breaks down in a desolate area.

While in search of help, their journey takes an unforgettable turn when they stumble upon the weird and wonderful mansion of Dr.Frank-N-Furter, an alien from planet Transsexual.

Rocky Horror Show (1973)

Written over a period of six months by Richard O’Brien, the now iconic stage production was originally previewed in 1973 at The Royal Court Theatre Upstairs in London.

Expected to be shown for only a few weeks, it’s fair to say that O’Brien could not have anticipated the rapid success of the show and the decades of popularity that would follow.

After moving from theatre to theatre, welcoming larger and larger audiences, the Rocky Horror Show was notably recognised as the best musical of 1973 by critics at the Evening Standard.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

With the victory of the Rocky Horror Show on stage, it’s no surprise that the cult phenomenon we now know as The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie followed shortly after in 1975.

After initially failing to wow cinema audiences, the film adaptation rose to success with an unexpected twist in 1976.

Hosting regular midnight showings of the film on Friday’s and Saturdays, the Waverly Theatre of Greenwich Village saw itself become the birth place for Rocky Horror’s cult following.

Arguably the key factor behind its success, the combination of unique characters, risqué costumes and dazzling rock ‘n’ roll show tunes cultivated a passionately interactive audience.

The audience participation elements ensured that excitement around the Rocky Horror Picture Show spread like wildfire across the U.S, with new ideas always growing.  Midnight showings became a chance to dress to impress while pushing every social boundary in the book.

Audiences didn’t and still don’t attend these special showings half-heartedly; dressed head to toe in elaborate costumes, and equipped with significant props to recreate scenes, there are few films with such a timeless influence and inclusive, exciting atmosphere attached to them.

So, while Arthouse Hotel’s Rocky Horror suite may not include any aliens, we’re certainly not afraid to be daring and dynamic!

For a memorable night-out in Liverpool city centre or a unique getaway to explore the sights, look no further than Arthouse for an incomparable stay.