Room Description

    Sleeping up to 4 guests in complete luxury, Vertigo has a chic and creative decor that perfectly reflects the mystifying magnetism of the hit movie as well as boasting easy access to the most exciting nightlife, restaurants and shops in Liverpool.

    This unique city centre hotel room has a fully integrated kitchenette, magnificent

    Film Bio

    Vertigo (1958)

    The movie Vertigo begins with lead male Scottie, played by James Stewart, being forced to retire after witnessing his partner’s death from falling after which he develops a strong case of acrophobia. Scottie is then hired by a friend to investigate his estranged wife, Madeline, played by Kim Novak, who he suspects is destined to commit suicide.

    What ensues is a love story that ends in a tragedy not once but twice as Scottie falls for Madeline who eventually does commit suicide. Scottie then meets Judy who he believes strongly resembles the long-deceased Madeline.

    Judy and Scottie begin a romantic entanglement with tragic consequences and a dramatic reveal in the plot makes this twisted tale of deception and desire one of Hitchcock’s most critically scrutinised