Marvellous Movie Midweek Liverpool Offer at Arthouse

Have you been looking for a special way to treat yourself in Liverpool during the week? Look no further than Arthouse Hotel. Liverpool’s newest movie-themed hotel been designed to accommodate visitors to the city who awant to enjoy a great night out on the town.

Come and experience the UK’s favourite party city destination when it’s a little less crowded and you can take advantage of the amazing mid-week offers in Liverpool’s best bars.

Choose Your Movie

Arthouse hotel reception

At Arthouse Hotel, there are three fabulous floors each designed with a movie themed concept in mind.

The first floor has a choice of iconic musical movies such as Grease, Yellow Submarine and Chicago. So, if you enjoy singing along to the toe-tapping songs from these tuneful classics then chose a movie themed room from the first floor.

Up to the next floor which is one for the horror fans among you. Welcome to our thrilling Hitchcock themed floor where a selection of the celebrated director’s most memorable movies has inspired each of our second-floor rooms.

Enjoy a dizzying night in Vertigo, a terrifying night with The Birds or even spend a night in Suspicion on our Hitchcock movie themed floor.

Finally, the third-floor accommodation was inspired by the iconic master of mixed media, Andy Warhol. Not instantly known for his movie making skills, Warhol’s movies were controversial of course, which gave them their underground appeal.

Choose a room inspired by the well-known portraits of Marilyn Monroe or his recreation of classical Renaissance paintings. Perhaps treat yourself in Liverpool to a night spent in a room inspired by The Chelsea Girls. A controversial film about life in a hotel that earned 10x its filming budget within the first 19 weeks of screening in New York.

Whether you enjoy a sweet singalong, a thrilling horror or something a little more provocative, Arthouse Hotel has the room for you.

Pick your restaurant

The Bastion at the Shankly Hotel, where a Fab Four and Shanks tour operates from

During your overnight stay, we have two fabulous restaurants where you can choose to dine for your evening meal.

The Bastion Bar and Restaurant is located within the award-winning Shankly Hotel and provides a delicious varied menu created by talented chefs. They use locally sourced seasonal ingredients to design dishes that are special and can be enjoyed by everybody. Book your evening meal here and enjoy the family friendly atmosphere and stunningly chic décor.

Our Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant can be found atop Liverpool’s exquisite Titanic themed hotel 30 James Street. The perfect location provides visitors with stunning views of Albert Dock and the World Heritage Waterfront from the elegant rooftop terrace. Once seated you can treat yourself in Liverpool from a delightful menu of fine dining quality dishes served with a twist.

No matter which of our city centre restaurants you choose to dine from on the evening of your stay, both are ideally located to continue into Liverpool and enjoy a night experiencing the stylish city-centre nightlife.

Stay and dine for £99

Stay and Dine at Arthouse hotel

This amazing overnight midweek offer in Arthouse Hotel is just £99. The offer includes an overnight stay from Sunday to Thursday in one of the marvellous movie themed Liverpool hotel rooms and a delicious meal in either the Carpathia or the Bastion Bar and Restaurant.

What better way to treat yourself in Liverpool than spending an evening in a marvellous movie themed room with an evening meal included from Arthouse hotel?

Call on 0151 601 8801 or email to book your stay today.

Stay with Arthouse Hotel for National Alfred Hitchcock Day

A director so talented and there’s even a national day to celebrate his impact on the filming industry and the methods of his truly amazing talent. Visit Liverpool on the 12th of March and celebrate National Alfred Hitchcock Day at Arthouse hotel.

We looked into the reasons Hitchcock is still such a celebrated talent today.

A master of suspense

It’s one thing to create realistic gory scenes, or play on the fears and insecurities of your audience but without suspense or a connection to the characters, it’s all just for show.

After watching any of Hitchcock’s creations his audience is left with a sense of foreboding, and terror that doesn’t stop when the movie does.

It is Hitchcock’s method is to imply terror rather than portray it. In turn, we, the audience, fill in the details he intentionally left out with our imagination.

As with modern day films of today, the less we see the more we are scared. Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity and even found footage sci-fi/horror Cloverfield, keep us hooked by shielding us from the very thing that is terrifying the cast.

It’s not many directors who were able to achieve this level of audience captivation without exhibiting something for them to be scared by. This is where the talents of Hitchcock’s casting and filming techniques come into play.

Father of modern filmmaking

Using unique camera angles and motion technique was a pioneering move from Hitchcock that gave audiences a sense of being inside the movie.

In Vertigo the audience shares a paralysing sense of fear experienced by the main character through the use of a camera trick called the “Dolly technique”. The camera stays focused on one point and zooms out whilst physically moving towards the focus at the same time.


Simplicity is often the best policy when it comes to filming and Hitchcock’s uncomplicated use of lighting in Suspicion is ingenious.

Simply by placing a light in the glass of milk, Cary Grant is bringing to Joan Fontaine, the audience’s eye is drawn to the glass. Without explicitly saying so, or even implying with action, the audience comes to suspects the milk is poisoned.

These are just a few of the ways in which Hitchcock created his own visual dialect, one that was instantly understood and admired by his audience.

Those memorable leading ladies

It is said that Hitchcock picked his leading ladies out of Freudian interest, whilst he himself believed his choices were made for the effect of the film.

Hitchcock felt that blondes made the best victims because they were like fresh snow that showed up the blood more effectively. A lot of sceptics say that Hitchcock modelled the leading roles around his own mother and then went on to punish them in his films.

Joan Fontaine appeared in two of Hitchcock’s movies, one of which she won an Oscar for. Surprisingly Joan Fontaine was the only actor to ever win an academy award for their work with Hitchcock.

Grace Kelly was Hitchcock’s most elegant leading lady, after becoming Princess of Monaco, Hitchcock tried time and again to get her to portray another of his lead roles. Hitchcock’s well-known foot fetish even saw him spend half an hour directing close ups of Grace Kelly’s shoes without ever using the footage.

Ingrid Bergman was one actress whose work with Hitchcock is among the most celebrated in her career. She affectionately referred to Hitchcock as an “adorable genius” something I’m sure other leading ladies of his would heavily dispute. Not the genius but certainly the adorable.

Tippi Hendren, in particular, has recounted stories of Hitchcock’s maniacal methodology when attempting to provoke emotional responses from his actors. According to Tippi, she recalls Hitchcock surprising her with live birds that were meant to be mechanical in the chilling attic scene from The Birds.

Tippi even alluded to Hitchcock making advances towards her during filming and said he punished her as a result with other cruel or callous methods, all said to be done in the name of the film.

Hitchcock certainly showed his leading ladies a great deal of attention, whether praise, affection or simply by tormenting them. It seems whatever his relationship was with each actress it paid off by producing some of the most memorable film footage of all time.

37 clever cameos

Ever the showman Hitchcock couldn’t help but appear in scenes of his movies. A great way to spend National Alfred Hitchcock Day would be to sit and try and spot each of his 37 cameos.

We’ve listed a few here to get you going;

The Birds – Hitchcock exits the pet shop in the opening scenes with two dogs, both of which are his own.

Psycho – Hitchcock appears outside an office under a Stetson-style cowboy hat.

Rear Window – Hitchcock can be seen winding a clock in the background of one apartment being spied into.

Spellbound – spot the director coming out of a lift holding a violin case.

Lifeboat – he even shows up on the back of a newspaper ad in a before and after shot for weight loss.

Why did Hitchcock enjoy appearing in his movies so?

It seems that his intentions were mixed. Whilst in some movies he appears moments before a particular action or plot scene, sometimes his cameo is merely for kicks. An example can be found in his intention to appear as a deaf-mute in Notorious who gets slapped for signing something lude to a pretty girl but was never used being banned by producers.

Other times his appearance in movies or trailers was to increase audience awareness of his creation. His movie trailers were done with a particular creative genius that mocked his audience at the same time as endearing them to him.

Hitchcock knew how to engage people’s interest. By showcasing himself, he quickly ensured he was the most recognised director of his time. So much so that just a profile shot of Hitchcock today is enough to recognise the great man.

Manipulating marketing methods

Today the power of social media and advertising has reached new heights. Back in Hitchcock’s day, however, there wasn’t the ability to engage the masses with a clever Facebook campaign or viral video release.

Hitchcock took matters into his own hands and utilised his ability to manipulate the audience with clever suggestion and implication.

Psycho, for example, was screened at theatres with a strict rule from the director preventing late seating. This stopped anybody entering showing once it had started, resulting in creating an uninterrupted atmosphere for the seated audience and a feeling of suspense for those too late to watch. The queues that formed at ticket booths also gave the impression that this was a must-see movie.

Another fabulous trick Hitchcock adopted was mocking his audience’s usual choice of summer holiday in a trailer for North by Northwest. Hitchcock playfully offered an alternative holiday based on the route of his character in the movie he takes his audience on a tour across the country. His use of dry humour to added punch to his delivery and showed his audience how witty his new movie was sure to be. The trailer endeared his audience with his playfulness, and again manipulated their response to his movie.

Because Hitchcock’s audience could relate to him, they found it easier to then relate to his work. In turn, because Hitchcock’s characters are said to be based upon his own inner characters, his audience relate to each character as well.

Hitchcock employed much more than what we can physically see on screen to make his movie great, a master of his craft and why we celebrate National Alfred Hitchcock Day on the 12th of March each year.

Stay with us on Alfred Hitchcock day

Book your stay in one of our Hitchcock themed suites at Arthouse hotel, and step into our luxury Liverpool hotel rooms that are representations of the marvellous movies made by the master of suspense.

Call on 0151 601 8801 or email and we guarantee you a great night spent at the heart of Liverpool’s most exciting nightlife district.

The Ultimate Movie Themed Hotel in Liverpool

Fan of the flicks or mad for movies? If the answer is yes then a visit to Signature Living’s newest hotel is definitely on the cards. Book to stay at Arthouse hotel and spend the night in style in a spectacular movie themed hotel room, each inspired by the most iconic classic movies of our time.

But what is it that makes Arthouse hotel so different from any other accommodation in Liverpool?

Opening Scene: Take #1

Arthouse hotel - reception

As soon as you enter Arthouse hotel reception you will find yourself skipping down the Yellow Brick Road with the Emerald city in the distance and the whole Wizard of Oz Crew.

Join Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion on a journey into the unknown and amazing.

You know you’ve arrived in Liverpool’s most spectacular movie themed hotel as soon as you take that first step into Arthouse. You and your party are in for the Liverpool hotel break of a lifetime.

Mad for musicals

Our first floor is perfect for those of us who have enjoyed singing along to musicals since childhood.

Your favourite song filled classic is bound to be among the selection of top musical movies we’ve used to theme our luxury group hotel rooms. In fact, five of the room titles made in into the top 10 musical movies of all time.

Hop on board the mother ship and “slip into a time warp” on route to planet transsexual in the Rocky Horror room.

Or recreate “those summer nights” and pack your leather biker jacket and skin-tight trousers to enjoy a night in our Grease room.

Wherever your theatrical tastes take you Arthouse hotel have the perfect musical movie themed room for you to enjoy during a visit to Liverpool.

The Horrors of Hitchcock

Suspicion - Hitchcock floor- Arthouse hotel

One of the world’s greatest movie directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock, was well known for providing the shock factor in his psychologically thrilling movies.

As he once said;

there is no terror in the bang, only the anticipation”.

Well, sorry Alfred but we brought a big “bang” to our Hitchcock themed rooms that far exceeds any anticipation.

The enchanting mystery of thrilling movie Spellbound has been brought to life in the Spellbound room. Decadently dark décor and a ceiling embellished with quotes from the movie make for an interesting hotel visit.

Or instead, enjoy a stay in our Suspicion suite where you and your guests will be sleeping under the intent gaze of leading lady Joan Fontaine and her opposite playboy Carry Grant.

Each of the Hitchcock themed rooms has been uniquely styled to reflect the most exhilarating films from Hitchcock’s vast catalogue of creations.

If you are a true movie buff, then a stay on the Hitchcock floor at Arthouse hotel will be a thrilling way to stay in Liverpool.

What about the Warhol floor?

Marilyn Monroe room - Arthouse hotel

Andy Warhol was the father of popular culture. He masterfully mixed the art world with celebrity lifestyle and corporate advertising and was a talented artist who became a figurehead in many avenues of artistic expression.

His coined phrase “15 Minutes of Fame” has been adapted into a stunning hotel room on our Warhol floor.

Warhol himself famously prophesied that;

“everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”

A prediction that has been realised today through reality TV shows that give everyday people the chance to be famous for at least 15 minutes.

Perhaps his most commercially successful movie directed was Chelsea Girls. A theme we chose to apply to our very own luxury hotel room. The Chelsea Girl’s movie depicts the lives of young socialites living at the Chelsea hotel in New York.

Cast members of the film included some of those dubbed Warhol’s Superstars. These individuals formed a select social circle of Warhol’s muses and served as his inspiration. Musicians, models actresses and socialites, who were basically the cool kids of the 60’s and 70’s.

If you wish that you could be like the cool kids, then why not chose the Warhol floor for your stay at Arthouse hotel.

Let’s go to the movies

Arthouse hotel

Book to stay in Arthouse hotel today and enjoy Liverpool accommodation that has been uniquely styled around the most classic and iconic films of our time.

Arthouse hotel has it’s very own funky bar and pizzeria that is popular among residents of Liverpool as well as visitors. The space has a fun movie theme all of its own, screening snippets of slivers screen masterpieces on the walls. For a little playfulness, guests can even enjoy a game of PING-PONG along with their Charlie Chapgin cocktails.

Located in the heart of Liverpool’s most exciting nightlife district, a stay at Arthouse hotel will give you and your party a memorable experience of Liverpool you won’t find anywhere else.

Call on 0151 601 8801 or email and book your stay today.