What Did the Best High School Movies of All Time Teach Us (If Anything)?

For some, high school (or secondary school as it’s known this side of the pond) is a terrifying prospect but, watching some of the best high school movies of all time can make it seem like a super exciting adventure.

But what, if anything, did these movies actually teach us?

We take a look at the top high school movies of our time, to see if they set us up for disappointment or actually delivered any worthwhile life lessons.


As we look forward to the prequel of Grease, a short four decades down the line from the first movie premiere, we wonder exactly what did the pupils and teachers of Rydell High teach us?

First, we learn that you can be 28 and still play an eighteen-year-old in American high school movies!


Olivia Newton-John was closer to thirty than twenty when filming began, but she certainly wasn’t the oldest. In fact, it was the actor that played Rizzo, Stockard Channing, who was 33 when filming began.

Secondly, Grease taught us that high school can change a person. Rather controversially telling us that giving in to peer pressure is the best and most fun way of getting through high school.


Sandy’s transformation from the wholesome, clean-cut Sandra Dee into a lycra, leather-clad vixen makes us think that good girls never get what they want.

A far cry from the messages we want to instil in the young women of today.

American Pie

A few valuable life lessons came out of this one, but the three most important are;

#1 Never get frisky with fruit pies or any baked good for that matter

#2 Webcams are a bad idea!


#3 Highschool boys have only one thing on their mind

This high school movie is certainly one that shows us many social traps that the modern student can fall into.

At the end of the day, if we take anything from American Pie, it’s that your friends will always encourage you to do the stupidest things you will ever do in your life.

Mean Girls

An amazing high school movie that helped shape pop culture as we know it, Mean Girls paints a horrifying picture of what high school can be like if you don’t fit in with the “in” crowd.

But what did Mean Girls actually teach us?


Well, aside from that we certainly get a glimpse of what to expect when it comes to high school hierarchy. Through this, we are shown how easy it is to manipulate those around you, enter three-way phone calls and well-placed candy canes.

But, the most important message that comes out of all those first-year social tortures is that it’s only a year and you have another few years in school to find out where you fit in.


A true ode to the 90s, Clueless gave us mere mortals an idea of what it was like to grow up Beverly Hills.

This modern high school movie classic was actually loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma and shows us that even the best intentions can end with ghastly consequences.


Cher sees herself as a gifted matchmaker, who only has other’s best intentions at heart, but being forever focused on self-promotion, she loses sight of what real friendship and kindness is.

Clueless makes us understand that, whilst we all would like a friend like Cher, we need to follow our own judgement and not let others choose our paths for us.

The Breakfast Club

One of the greatest lessons ever taught in a high school movie can be learned by watching The Breakfast Club.

Set in day-long detention, a group of five are flung together, all from different social groups. A jock, a geek, a preppy girl, an outcast and a rebel begin to bond and share their experiences both at home and in school.


The group learn that no matter which group you fit into, or where you came from, your life problems are usually similar.

So far ahead of its time, the message of equality is powerful in The Breakfast Club and certainly shows us what it would be like if we all let go of our prejudice.

High School Musical

A phenomenon that swept the globe back in 2006, High School Musical gave young people everywhere the hope that they could simply sing their way through school.


The biggest high school movie of the year raked 7.7 million views at its premiere and the soundtrack quickly climbed the charts too.

Thankfully, there was an important message underneath all the white teeth and wholesomeness that encouraged viewers to embrace their dreams and look after their friend’s wishes.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

It may not seem like it to many a high school student, but school is only a small portion of life, and believe it or not, probably the best bit.

Although not a great scholastic lesson, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off shows us that sometimes taking a risk will pay off.


Playing truant by faking illness, Ferris has the time of his life, driving a fancy sports car and becoming a temporary rock star.

The message that this high school movie delivers is to seize the day, an important one that we all forget from time to time.

Never Been Kissed

Proof that life usually doesn’t get much better after high school, Never Been Kissed is a fantastic example of how unimportant social acceptance is in school when it comes to finding happiness and success in later life.

The story of Josie Grossy is heartbreaking and her high school experiences go on to shape and restrict her adult life.


Despite becoming a success, Josie never gets over how she was treated in high school and when she goes back to school as an undercover reporter, she’s determined not to make the same mistakes again.

Never Been Kissed teaches us that life at the top isn’t always so rosy and in order to get there, you have to sacrifice your morals and integrity.

In short, this high school movie lets us know everything will work out okay in the end, if we are true to who we are.


A seriously terrifying high school movie that warns us all of the effects bullying can have, Carrie is a chilling film adaption of Stephen King’s first ever published novel.


Taking us along on the high school journey of a sheltered young girl, who faces serious issues at home as well as in school, Carrie gives us an understanding of a bully victim’s world and the hardships they face. When poor Carrie falls victim to a bully’s revenge, things take a turn for the worse and the whole town pays.

Carrie might be overkill, literally, but the message is simple, bullies are horrible human beings who always get their just desserts.

Bring It On

On a lighter and much cheerier note, Bring It On is one of those high school movies that helps celebrate the underdog and makes us want to be a cheerleader along the way.

At its heart, Bring It On celebrates honesty, integrity and a determination to do the right thing.

When lead character, Torrance, inherits the captainship of her school’s award-winning cheer squad, she realises her entire cheer-career has been a lie.


To change it she needs to alter her approach to life and, with the help of LA transfer student Missy, Torrance embarks on a journey of self-discovery and personal improvement.

A real feel-good high school movie, with an amazing soundtrack, Bring It On is certainly one of our favourites.


The best and super-baddest of all our high school movies, Superbad teaches us many life lessons. All of which are brought to us through a hilarious and unlikely set of coincidental scenarios.

At the end of the movie we know that cops are people too, you should always look both ways before crossing the road, and good decisions are never made under the influence of alcohol.


Superbad is one of the greatest high school movies ever made, despite mainly being set outside of school grounds.

At Arthouse Hotel we’re mad about movies and enjoy schooling our audiences about some of the best out there.

So, if you love movies as much as we do, check out some of our fun film facts based on some of our most popular movie-themed hotel suites.

Read all about the Weird and Frightening Facts About the Wizard of Oz or the Unknown and Bizarre Mary Poppins Facts we unearthed. 

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50 Fun, Weird and Frightening Facts About the Wizard Of Oz

At Arthouse Hotel, our fabulous film themed rooms bring all the magic of the movies from the big screen to your luxury suite, so you can enjoy a one of a kind hotel experience in Liverpool.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is one of the most marvellously magical movies of all time and it comes as no surprise that there is plenty of fun, weird and fairly frightening facts about the making of such a fantastic movie.

Here we look into some of the movies most bizarre facts that will help you see the most magical musical movie in a whole new light.

When Special Effects Win and Fail

#1 The superb scientific special effect liquid used for the Tin Man’s oil was, in fact, chocolate syrup!


No wonder he looks so happy after being oiled. Yummy.

#2 Actress Billie Burke, who played Glinda The Good Witch, was 18 years older than the actress who played her foe The Wicked Witch



The Good Witch got her some very good genes.

#3 More superb special effects here, as the terrifying tornado sweeps towards Dorothy’s home.

Not the extreme act of nature you think, but actually an old stocking being whipped around in a pile of dirt and dust!


In fact, if you look close enough you can see the hand twirling the stocking!

#4 Following the yellow brick road proved quite difficult as it appeared green after the technicolour effect was applied and therefore had to be repainted


‘Follow the slightly Greenish-Yellowy Brick Road’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, wouldn’t you agree?

#5 The Poppy field through which the cast skip merrily through was made by hand by 22 people who handcrafted 40,000 individual Poppies.

It’s all in the details.

#6 The brightly coloured horses in the Emerald city where dyed using Jello or gelatin, even though the movie would be filmed in black and white and the technicolour process later applied.

The technique worked really well except the horses proceeded to lick most of the Jello off themselves in between takes, so fresh coats had to be reapplied.

#7 When the Wicked Witch goes to take Dorothy’s slippers, the sparks that fly out are actually sprays of apple juice sped up with clever camera trickery

wizard of oz dorothy gale wicked witch ruby slippers wicked witch of the west

We don’t know about you but that looks like some seriously potent apple juice.

The Famous Ruby Slippers

#8 The Ruby Slippers were replicated in 1989 for the movies 50th birthday and weren’t cheap either coming in at $3 million.

#9 In the original story, Dorothy’s slippers were silver but, to make better use of the new-fangled colour filming process, the studio turned them ruby red instead.


#10 So many people come to see the Ruby Slippers at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C, that the carpet needs to be regularly replaced due to wear and tear.

#11 Last year in 2017 the slippers were removed from display to undergo, what experts are calling “an in-depth conservation assessment and treatment” or a fancy trip to the cobblers.

#12 Funds to carry out the treatment and to create a new display were raised on Kickstarter. It’s rumoured that Leonardo Di Caprio and Steven Spielberg contributed in excess of $3 million between them. Now that is one expensive shoe habit.

What is Health and Safety?

#13 Health and safety went flying out the window here, as the soft white snow drifting dreamily over the sleepy characters was actually made from notoriously poisonous asbestos.


No wonder Dorothy looks a little red-eyed in this clip.

#14 Actors also complained about the harsh lighting used during filming, brighter because of the technicolour process, it ended up permanently damaging their eyes.

Ah! Bright lights, bright lights.

#15 Finding people to play flying monkeys became quite difficult as many of the actors fell several feet due to the supporting wires snapping.


Perhaps they shouldn’t have been monkeying around.

#16 As well as the excessive bright light, the lamps caused the temperature to reach 100 degrees during filming. This became a small problem for one male actor, and two crew members thanks to his less than breathable costume, see fact #19, Eeeeew.

The Cost of Perfection

#17 The Cowardly Lions costume was made of real lion skin, we think PETA might have something to say about that today!


#18 . . . and it weighed 100 pounds. Must’ve been a big bloody Lion!

#19 What’s more, the genuine Lion skin smelled terrible thanks to the extreme heat caused by the technicolour lamps, combined with the heavyweight this made the Cowardly Lion actor sweat profusely.

Two people were employed round the clock to dry out the costume after filming wrapped each day. There’s no business like show business!

#20 Judy Garland was considered too plump to play such a young girl at the time of filming The Wizard of Oz and she was therefore cinched into a super tight corset.


After all, pain is beauty, apparently.

#21 A ridiculous sum of money was spent on filming Wizard of Oz, a total of $2.7 million (approximately $45.6 million today)

MGM made it rain all day for the Wizard of Oz which was initially a huge box office flop.

It Wasn’t Easy Being Green

#22 The Wicked Witch used to teach America’s equivalent to Reception before becoming an actress.


. . . imagine that being the first face you saw when starting school.

#23 At one point the Wicked Witch, when vanishing in a cloud of smoke, was severely burned as her bright green make-up was flammable.


She refused to complete any more scenes in the film that involved fire. Can you blame her?

#24 The green make-up used to colour the wicked witch was copper-based and poisonous, the poor women playing her couldn’t eat when in costume, she survived on a purely liquid diet.


That’s dedication to a role.

#25 The Wicked Witch was so scary that she even had scenes that were deemed too frightening for children and were therefore cut out of the movie.


This poor woman really did put up with a lot for a film role, surely teaching wasn’t that bad?

There’s No Business Like Show Business

#26 The Scarecrows Face was made up of early prosthetics that left grooves in the actor’s face.

They supposedly took a year to completely disappear.

#27 Famous Actor of the time Beverly Hillbillies, Buddy Ebsen, was cast as the Tin Man but had a severe allergic reaction to the silver body paint.

#28 The same silver make-up reportedly gave the Tin Man actor a serious eye infection.


#29 Nothing is thrown away at MGM and the proof is in the pudding as the Wicked Witch’s crystal ball made its first appearance in The Mask of Fu Manchu. A 1932 movie about the search for Genghis Khan’s tomb.

#30 Even the Good Witch Glinda’s shimmering ballgown was reused from the movie San Francisco.


MGM were thrifty when they wanted to be.

The Real Star Of The Movie

#31 Judy wanted to keep Terry, the dog who played Toto, but Terry’s owner refused and quite rightly too, get your own dog, Judy!


#32 The poor little puppy even sustained injury when a crew member trod on her foot breaking it.

#33 Terry, the dog was also scared of the steam that came out of the Tin Man’s hat.


#34 and she earned more than The Munchkins, but they most likely didn’t care as its rumoured many of them took the job to escape a Nazi-occupied Europe.


More About The Munchkins

#35 In fact, The Munchkins got a bit of a bum deal and instead of being recognised as individual people, they are represented as one entity with one Walk of Fame Star between all 124 of them.

#36 Judy Garland even named her Oscar Juvenile Award the Munchkin award! The cheek.

#37 One of the Munchkins was a licensed pilot who served during WWII.

#38 The Munchkins were actually rumoured to be quite unruly on and offset, often throwing wild parties and drinking heavily whilst filming their scenes.


Well, they didn’t get a lot else from the world famous movie so why not?

A Little About The Author

#39 The author of the Wizard of Oz, L.Baum, used to breed special chickens.

#40 The world of Oz was named so by the incredibly creative author, whose inspiration was . . . wait for it . . . a filing cabinet label O-Z!

#41 It’s all in the details as The Wicked Witches death certificate is dated exactly 20 years after author L.Baums death.

#42 Despite L.Baum being an active supporter of female rights, Judy Garland was only paid a measly $500 a week while her male co-stars raked in $3,000 for the same work.

Interesting to see the times haven’t changed that much eh?

Behind The Scenes

#43 It is rumoured that when Judy was filming the lion slapping scene she was in fits of giggles unable to finish a decent take.


Director, Victor Fleming, took her to one side, slapped her and sent her back to try again where she nailed the scene in one take.

#44 The cast can be seen here dancing a popular routine from the 1939 dancehalls of the age. The Jitterbug was originally a number in the movie but was edited from the final cut.

We think those were some snazzy dance moves for the time, don’t you?

What if . . .

#45 If 20th Century Fox had won the rights to film Wizard of Oz, Shirley Temple would have starred in the role as Dorothy! And as much as we love Shirley Temple’s charm, we do think Judy made the perfect Dorothy!

Source: Wiki Commons

#46 Dorothy’s original costume involved a blonde wig and heavy make-up, but the decision was made to aim for a more natural look.

#47 The iconic “Over The Rainbow” song was nearly cut from the movie because it ran too long.


Thankfully it wasn’t . . . now you’re singing it in your head, aren’t you?

#48 MGM stopped Disney from making a Wizard of Oz, imagine what the genius would have done to Oz if Walt Disney got his hands on the book rights.


Oh, what magic there could have been.

#49 Oscar-nominated six times, winning best score and best original song, Wizard of Oz was beaten for best picture by Gone With The Wind.

Quite frankly my dear we don’t give a damn.


#50 The Wizard of Oz is still our favourite musical of all time and one of our most wonderful movie themed rooms at Arthouse Hotel.

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movie themed hotel rooms

Yellow Brick Road reception

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Wizard of Oz - movie themed hotel rooms

Wizard of Oz room

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Themed Hotel Rooms & Unknown Movie Facts: My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady is one of the most beloved musicals of all time and the inspiration behind one of the musical movie themed hotel rooms at Arthouse Hotel.

Filmed in 1964 with an all-star cast including Rex Harrison who played Higgins, a phonetics professor with a rather large ego and Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle, a working-class girl from the bustling city of London.

The story goes that Higgin’s believes in his coaching abilities so much he can tutor the cockney twang out of Eliza and therefore make her a well-spoken upstanding member of society.

The two form an unlikely relationship and eventually fall in love, despite social differences and the interference of aristocratic suitor, Freddie, played by Jeremey Brett.

The movie served as inspiration for one of our musical movie themed hotel rooms and the My Fair Lady room at Arthouse Hotel is simply Loverly.

Check out some of the lesser-known facts behind the creation of My Fair Lady the movie, its origins and some of the famous cast members below.

Award Winning Performances

My Fair Lady was released to critical acclaim winning a grand total of 8 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director.

Diva Behaviour

Renowned for her gracious caring attitude, Audrey Hepburn displayed slightly diva-esque behaviour when she was informed her singing voice would be dubbed. She walked offset in a huff, only to return the following day and apologise to everyone who she had offended.

Age is Only a Number

Middle-aged adults playing high school children was a thing way before 90210 and Dawson’s Creek.

source: Screener TV

Eliza Doolittle was only supposed to be 19 in My Fair Lady but Audrey Hepburn was a fantastic looking 35 years old during filming.

Star-Studded Recommendations

Hollywood isn’t wasn’t the cutthroat industry that it’s made out to be today. Cary Grant was approached to play Rex Higgins but he turned the role down knowing he wasn’t right for the it.

Instead, he strongly recommended Rex Harrison for the part and said if he wasn’t cast he wouldn’t even go and see the movie.

Another Role Rejection

Dame Julie Andrews played Eliza Doolittle on stage, just 19 at the time and at the beginning of what would become a blossoming film career.

She refused the role in the movie as she was also up for the part of Mary Poppins and didn’t want the two to conflict.

Delaying Walt Disney

Hoping to boost the career of now Dame Julie Andrews, the wonderful man Walt Disney offered to delay filming Mary Poppins until summer 1964 so she could take on the role of Eliza Doolittle as well.

On Set Interference

The dashing neckties that Higgins wore throughout filming were where crew and costume had stashed Rex Harrington’s microphone.


Occasionally the device would pick up radio conversations from passing police cars reporting crimes or updating criminal pursuits.

A Hidden Talent

Despite being a member of the Eton College choir and being known for his excellent singing voice, directors chose to dub the vocal talents of actor Jeremy Brett who played the besotted Freddie Eynsford-Hill.

His songs were sung instead by a 43-year-old Bill Shirley.

A Very Different Type Of Fair Lady

If we could imagine another in the role of Eliza Doolittle first thoughts do go to Julie Andrews. However, by the time filming came around Andrews was immersed in work with Disney so, if Audrey Hepburn had not accepted the role a third actress was in line.


Super starlet Elizabeth Taylor is said to have coveted the job although its very hard to imagine Ms Taylor playing a common working class cockney don’t you agree?

Devastating News on Set

The 60s was a decade rife with iconic moments in history, one of which was the shocking assassination of JFK.

Announcing the tragedy to cast and crew fell to Audrey Hepburn after she’d filmed the most famous song number of the My Fair Lady movie “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?”.

Setting The Perfect Scene

Thanks to the large budget given to the movie, set designers were extra creative with their work which eliminated the need to film outside.

Instead, every scene in My Fair Lady was shot on the sound stages of Hollywood studios.

Childish Inspiration

When it came to naming the movie, directors struggled and at first settled on Lady Liza but because of protests from Rex Harrison, the title was changed.

The inspiration for the new title was the traditional children’s nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down, My Fair Lady.”

An Arresting Beauty

Audrey Hepburn is without a doubt one of the most naturally beautiful women to ever have graced our screens.

It comes as little surprise that when she entered the set in full costume for the ballroom scene, the room fell silent then cast and crew began to applaud, cheer and even shed tears at how stunning she looked.

Blowing The Budget

In the 60s, production companies were spending huge sums of money on making movies.

Only the year before My Fair Lady was made, Cleopatra at 20TH Century Fox had racked up a bill of $35 million, roughly translated to around £350 million today.

My Fair Lady came in at just $17 million, and despite being half the cost of Cleopatra, it was still the most expensive movie made by Warner Bros at the time.

Precious Creations

Again thanks to the huge sums of money at their disposal directors hired the exceptionally skilled Cecil Beaton to design the 1500 elaborate costumes for the cast.

His work including the stunning beaded ballgown and monochrome lace Ascot dress for Eliza Doolittle’s character all of which earned him the Academy Award for Best Costume Design.

Beaton’s work was so exquisite, and expensive, that the studio hired amusement park trams to transport the clothed cast to and from set to avoid damages and dirt.

Costs Vs Profits

Despite costing Warner Bros under half of what Cleopatra cost Fox, My Fair Lady has grossed $20 million more in profits overall.

In fact, My Fair Lady even made it into the top 100 highest ranking films of all time.

Bad Habits

We all assume that Audrey Hepburn was the picture of health, but she had a nasty habit.


Hepburn smoked around three packs of cigarettes a day, much to the displeasure of Rex Harrison who had recently given up before filming started.

Wouldn’t It Be Larvly . . . Loverly . . . Laverly?

A cockney accent isn’t the easiest to replicate, especially not for California born soprano, Marni Nixon.

She had to continuously practice the cockney singing accent when she provided the vocals for Eliza Doolittle.

A feat that earned her the title “Ghostess with the Mostest” as audiences would never see the face behind the amazing talent.

A Mouth Full of Marbles . . . or were they?

Health and safety was still a thing in the 60s so instead of popping a potential choking hazard into the mouth of Audrey Hepburn during Higgins’ eloquencey lessons, grapes were used in place of marbles.

Founded in Greek Mythology

My Fair Lady was based on a play about a mythological ancient Greek sculptor named Pygmalion who created what he considered to be the ideal women out of stone.

The story goes that once the statue was created Pygmalion fell in love with it and on the day of Aphrodite’s festival he wished for a wife to be a living likeness of the woman he’d carved. When he kissed the statue’s lips the woman came to life and married Pygmalion.

My Fair Lady’s Higgin’s is the present day equivalent of Pygmalion, fashioning his ideal women out of Eliza.

A Musical Without Singers

Today musicals are usually filled with the biggest and brightest stars in musical movie making. If you can’t sing you aren’t cast or in the case of Russell Crow in Les Miserable, you sing anyway and get mocked for it.
Image result for russell crowe singing gif

In the early day’s famous faces were favoured over fantastic voices and therefore musical movies were heavily dubbed. The entire cast, with the exception of Stanley Holloway who played Eliza’s father Alfred had their singing voices dubbed, why wasn’t Russell Crowe dubbed we here you ask? The answer, we just don’t know!

The Dead Penguin Play Mascot

Before My Fair Lady was a film it was a stage play with Rex Harrison still in the role of Higgins.

Apparently, Rex admired the work of the Pygmalion writer Shaw so much that he often referred to a Penguin edition of the play’s script. Whenever things didn’t seem right with the dialogue Rex would bark to stagehands;

“Where’s my Penguin”

After a while, this became a regular command and the crew and directors decided it was time to put a stop to it.

So, one day when Rex gave his usual command a stuffed Penguin was rolled out onto stage instead of his script. The entire cast and crew roared with laughter including Rex Harrison who never asked for his Penguin again.

And finally . . .

The Rain In Spain Does Not Stay Mainly In The Plain, in fact, it rains mostly in the northern hills and mountains of Spain, the plains in the south see very little rain at all.


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30 Interesting Facts from the filming of Rocky Horror

The Rocky Horror Picture show is an iconic cult movie with a devoted following of fans. These fans relish any opportunity slip into their fishnets and attend any of the 200+ special screenings or performances that have taken place since the movie premiered in 1975.

At Arthouse hotel we pay homage to this amazing piece of movie madness with our Rocky Horror Show room musical floor.

As with any movie, there are plenty of weird and wonderful facts associated with production, even more so with a creation as spectacularly bizarre as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, check out what we discovered here.

Stay the night if you dare

That’s right you can actually visit the building that was used to film Rocky Horror and stay the night.

Frank-N-Furter’s mansion/spaceship has now been converted into a splendid luxury hotel, Oakley Ridge, in Windsor.

Derelict, freezing, then on fire!

The listed building used for filming was in such a terrible condition that actors cast and crew were forced to huddle together in a designated “warm room”. As the cast and crew were quite large they had to take it in turns to visit the room, that is until it caught on fire!

Time Warp was a space filler


It seems the most iconic path of the film might never have been if it weren’t for the length of the script. Due to the finished film only being 40 minutes long using the original script, Time Warp was added as a space filler. Thank the lord it was because it’s the best party dance ever.

A gruelling film schedule

Most movie masterpieces and even certain independent films can take years to create. Actors, crew members, directors and producers all take huge chunks of time out of their lives to create a memorable piece of movie magic.

Not Rocky Horror Picture Show, this blockbusting masterpiece took only 6 weeks to film

Loyalty to the cast

Original members of the theatre production of Rocky Horror remained in their designated roles for the movie. Leading role Tim Curry, writer and actor Richard O’Brien and Meatloaf are just a few among others who have been a part of the show since it’s inception.

Creepy coffin clock

At the start of the song, “Time Warp” Richard O’Brien’s character, Riff Raff can be seen caressing a skeleton in a coffin with a feather duster.

The creepy reality is that this is a genuine human skeleton which went on to be sold at auction for £35,000 at London auction house Sotheby’s.

Set builder error

When Dr Scott comes crashing through the wall of the lab in his wheelchair, this was not scripted. It turns out the set builders had forgotten to build a door. Instead, the directors used the situation to their advantage, adding to the weird and wonderful nature of the finished movie.

A German Frank-N-Furter

Frank-N-Furter’s voice was originally going to be accented in German. It’s only after hearing the posh English lilt of a woman he’d overheard on the bus that he decided to model the character’s voice on Queen Elizabeth II.

On set injury

The character of Brad, played by Barry Bostwick, smashes his fists down on the table at dinner. In doing so he pounds Janet’s fist, played by Susan Sarandon. Her reaction is genuine. Perhaps in revenge later on in the movie, Sarandon places a well-heeled foot right on Bostwick’s instep causing him very real pain.

Perhaps in revenge, later on in the movie Sarandon places a well-heeled foot right on Bostwick’s instep causing him very real pain.

An unexpected dinner guest

When Eddie’s body is revealed under the table after dinner the looks of surprise on the actor’s faces are genuine as only O’Brien and Curry knew that the body was there.

Love lives off set

According to Richard O’Brien, Susan Sarandon who played Janet and Barry Bostwick who played Brad were having an off-screen romance.

Skinny stunt double

As Meatloaf, playing the character of Eddie ould not ride a motorcycle a slimmer stunt double was used for the “Hot Patootie” number.

The close up’s of Eddie belting out the lyrics were filmed as he was pulled around on a wheelchair.

Not tonight Tim

Tim Curry was refused entry to one of the iconic midnight showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show suspected of being an imposter.

After he proved his identity using his passport he was he was apologetically invited in, but declined.

In Drag or Not in Drag that is the question

Tim Curry says his Frank-N-Furter costume is not drag, it’s just how Translyvanians dress.

Royal fans

Princess Dianna was a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. During an interview, she had requested between Tim Curry and herself the princess apparently turned to Curry with a cheeky smile confiding in him that the movie “quite completed her education”.

Longest running theatrical production

The Rocky Horror Picture Show holds the record for longest theatrical release in history and continues to play in theatres across the US today.

Dedication to Rocky Horror

An ancient museum style cinema in Munich has screend the Rocky Horror Picture Show once a week since 1977.

O’Brien’s equivalent of a crossword puzzle

Rocky Horror was written by Richard O’Brien as a way to keep him occupied when he wasn’t working.

It is said that on winter nights he would take to his study and pour out his thoughts on science fiction into song. After completing a collection he showed his director friend the work who insisted it was put into production.

Whose lips are they?

If you have ever wondered whose body and head belonged to the floating red lips that sing the opening credits, then wonder no more.

Patricia Quinn who played Magenta in the movie is the person behind the pout. Her excitement to play the role of Magenta was solely down to the fact that she got to sing ‘Science Fiction Double Feature’ for the opening of the performance.

This part that went to O’Brien in the movie, much to Patricia’s dispair.

The lips that Tim Curry is reclined across in many of the movie’s marketing belong to model Lorelei Shark.

Don’t Blow the Budget

The Rocky Horror movie was allocated a considerably large budget by 20TH Century Fox, with the proviso that the director casts current rock stars and icons in leading roles. Declining the offer and keeping the original cast the budget and time

By declining the offer and keeping the original cast, the budget and time constraints were significantly reduced. The director believes this largely contributed to the films amazing cult following.

Coveted role

Rolling Stones legendary frontman, Mick Jagger, desperately wanted to play the lead role of Frank -N -Furter. Being the showman and performer that he is, it might not have been such a bad thing.

Another famous face associated with the movie

The role of Eddie and Dr Scott were always played by the same people on stage. Meatloaf was incredibly disappointed when he could not play Dr Scott in the movie, insisting he did a brilliant Dr Scott.

In one stage production, from the theatre archives of Australia in 1988, we can see the talents of Russel Crowe skillfully taking on both roles of Dr Scott and Eddie and doing them justice, of course. Watch here.

Master of Make – up

How is it that Tim Curry sort of pulls of that amazing full face of theatrical make-up?

The same person who created David Bowie’s iconic Aladdin Sane album cover look, was responsible for Frank-N-Furter’s dramatic Transylvanian appearance.

That was of course until Tim Curry mastered it himself as he felt the process took too long.

First appearance of a British acting legend

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is to thank for bringing the talents of Tim Curry to the world. Rocky Horror was Curry’s feature film debut.

Since then we have seen him in Stephen King horror movie IT, alongside the muppets in Muppet Treasure Island, playing the villain in the musical Annie and a comedic role in Home Alone Two.

Props brought to midnight screenings

Here’s a list of props that people attending midnight showings of Rocky Horror bring along;

– Rice (to be thrown at Ralph and Betty’s wedding)
– Water pistols (back row squirts them during rain scene)
– Newspapers (for front and middle rows to shield themselves from rain)
– Flashlights or cigarette lighters
– Rubber gloves (during and after the creation speech, Frank snaps his gloves three times)
– Noisemakers (the Transylvanians applaud Frank’s creation – so should you)
– Toilet paper (when Brad yells “Great Scott!”, throw a roll)
– Confetti (at the end of the “Charles Atlas” reprise, the Transylvanians throw confetti)
– Toast (when Frank proposes a toast at dinner)
– Party hat (when Frank puts on his hat to wish Rocky happy birthday, so does the audience)
– Bell (“When we made it/did you hear a bell ring?”)
– Cards (“Cards for sorrow/cards for pain”)

Sick, sick Susan

Susan Sarandon had the flu which turned into pneumonia during filming.

Little surprise really after weeks of working in a leaky building with no heating and being flung into a pool clad in only fishnets and a basque.

An early symbol of gay rights

During the lab scene, the red triangle on Frank-N-Furters medical gown is a symbol that Nazi’s used to mark gay men in concentration camps.

The red triangle today symbolises gay rights, giving the film early links to the LGBTQ movements.

Definition of man

The actor that played Frank-n-Furter’s man creation Rocky had actually never acted and was an underwear model. He had no lines and his singing parts were dubbed. The man was literally used to be the symbol of the perfect man.

Auctioned hot pants

The actor who played Rocky sold his teeny tiny golden shorts at auction for just $1000.

Rocky Horror II, III and IV?

Richard O’Brien penned a second film to follow up the success of the first. The plot of Rocky Horror Shows His Heels, was to centre around Janet’s pregnancy with the baby of either, Rocky, Brad or Frank-N-Furter. The movie was never put into production due to original cast members

Another sequel written by O’Brien was titled Revenge of the Old Queen. Set on planet Transexual the plot focuses on the revenge of Frank-N Furter’s Mother, the Old Queen even Janet makes an appearance with her son, supposedly the son of Frank-N-Furter. This script has never been published and most likely never will be because of cast restrictions.

Finally, O’Brien wrote a full script for a play that he hoped would become a hit movie in the style of Rocky Horror. As yet untitled, the script used elements of Rocky Horror Shows His Heels and Revenge of the Old Queen and was destined for greatness. Sadly the entire project failed due to developmental issues.

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20 Unknown facts about The Sound of Music

Die hard fans of The Sound of Music can stay at Arthouse hotel in a movie themed hotel room based on their favourite musical movie. Even the most devoted fans of the film may not know the magical musical movie was based on real memoirs written by Maria Von Trapp an actual nun that came to the Von Trapp family after Cpt Von Trapp’s first wife passed away from scarlet fever.

What’s more is that the Von Trapp family were actually a band that performed together for nearly thirty years in the US after escaping Salzburg during the Anschluss, the occupation of Austria by Nazi power.

Here are 20 more amazing facts from the filming of the movie even the biggest fans may not know.

Why the writer of Sound of Music memoirs was absent from premier

Maria Von Trapp, writer of Sound of Music memoirs was not invited to the premier of the movie. When she questioned this she was informed that sadly there were not enough seats. Although she did have a cameo part with her daughter in the early scenes.

 Cpt Von Trapp was a softy

Cpt Von Trapp’s actual family were disappointed in the way their father was portrayed and complained that he was not stern at all but the director refused to soften the character. It wouldn’t have been quite the same if we didn’t watch his heart warm to Maria and the children.

Julie Andrews gets the giggles

When Maria and Cpt Von Trapp kiss in the gazebo, the scene had to cut to a silhouette because Julie Andrew’s couldn’t stop giggling at the sound a piece of filming equipment was making. The darkness hiding her laughing face.

There were, even more, Von Trapp’s in reality

There were ten Von Trapp children and the eldest was a boy but this was changed to allow for the Liesel and Rolf sub-plot.

Cpt Von Trapp had seven children when Maria came to the home, after Maria and the Cpt were married they had a further three children together.

Reliving Anschluss

Directors feared for Salzburg resident’s reaction to Nazi flags being draped across buildings and soldiers in the street re-enacting Anschluss for the movie. Despite the Mayor’s reassurance that residents could cope quite well original footage of Anschluss was used instead.

A few misplaced facts

Historical inaccuracies caused the film to be pulled from German and Austrian cinemas 6 months before it was originally scheduled. Austrians were said to be upset about the way the move depicted Austrian culture. Famous actors of the time shunned the movie too. The included Audrey Hepburn, Eva Gabor, and Marlene Dietrich.

Famous actors of the time shunned the movie too including Audrey Hepburn, Eva Gabor, and Marlene Dietrich.

Lead actor not a fan of the movie

Source: 20th Century Fox | Wiki Commons

Christopher Plummer, who played Cpt Von Trapp, said working with Julie Andrews was like “being hit over the head with a giant Valentines card every day”. We think he may have meant this in a bad light even though it might be seen as quite endearing.

Drowning his sorrows

Plummer also disliked the film so much he drank and ate in excess putting on so much weight over 6 months his costume had to be altered for the music festival scenes.

Plummer has since admitted that during the music festival filming he was blind drunk.

Stunts gone wrong

Innovation strategy, accelerate R & D projects, R & D, R & D, food, food, research, development

The actress that plays little Gretel couldn’t swim and when the boat tips over in the lake it was written that Julie Andrews was to catch her and keep her afloat.

However, during filming, the boat tips, and Andrews is thrown backwards leaving little Gretel to fall, unaided, to the other side. An actress playing her sister had to save her from drowning.

When little Gretel surfaced the small girl had swallowed so much water she vomited on her rescuer’s shoulder.

Fast learners

Neither Christopher Plummer nor Julie Andrew’s could play the guitar before filming, both having to learn before the music guitar scenes were shot.

Bad Hollywood geography

The escape over the mountains was not only geographically inaccurate as Salzburg does not border with Switzerland.

Had the Von Trapp family taken to the hills that border Salzburg it is likely they would have hiked straight into Hitler’s summer retreat in the mountains.

A comedic preview of the movie

Julie Andrews did a spoof performance with Carol Burnett in 1962 titled ‘The Pratt Family Singers’ on her TV special Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall.

This was televised 3 years before the movie was released in 1965 and 2 years after the stage performance came in joint first place for the Tony Award for best musical of 1960.

The saviour of 20th Century Fox


Once the most successful musical film ever, The Sound of Music won 5 academy awards including best director and profits from the high-grossing move saved 20th Century Fox after the devastating financial effects the filming of Cleopatra had on the production company.

They grow up so fast

The Actor that played Fredrich also grew six inches during filming at the start he was forced to wear lifts in his shoes to appear taller than Liesel, by the end Liesel had to stand on a box when filming alongside him.

…and out

During the filming, Plummer isn’t the only actor who grew. Little Gretel put on so much weight during filming that in the final mountain scenes Plummer requested another smaller child replace Gretel to sit on his shoulders.

Maria Vs Mary

Julie Andrews almost turned down the role because of similarities to Mary Poppins which had just wrapped filming. It is unimaginable what the film would have been without Julie Andrews in the memorable leading role.

The kids come first

Some of the stories depicted in the movie are true, however, the real Maria did not, at first, come to the Von Trapp household to govern all the children. She came to the aide of Cpt of one of the daughters who contracted scarlet fever, after seeing the healing effect she had on his daughter, Cpt Von Trapp insisted she

She came to the aide of one of the younger Von Trapp daughters who had contracted scarlet fever. After seeing the healing effect she had on his daughter, Cpt Von Trapp insisted she remained at the house to govern the rest of his children.

From here Maria fell in love with the Von Trapp children claiming that when she married Cpt Von Trapp she didn’t love him but his children. It was only later that she fell in love with their father too.

Working with children

The actress who plays the second youngest daughter Marta was losing teeth throughout the six months of filming. By the end most of her visible teeth were false. But what an adorable smile she had.

100 days of The Sound of Music on a loop

If the world were to end by nuclear apocalypse between 1966 and 1993, those who chose to flee to BBC bunker would have been subjected to the Sound of Music played on a loop over 100 hundred days of TV programming.

One of the highest grossing movies of all time

Up until 2014, The Sound of Music was still the 5th highest grossing film of all time. Due to inflation adjustments, top grossing lists are difficult to pinpoint but today Sound of Music is still considered one of the highest grossing musicals. Topped only by the likes of Grease and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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