The Best Hotel in Liverpool to Enjoy Seel Street Nightlife

Ask any Liverpool resident where the best bars in Liverpool are and almost everyone will answer “Seel Street”. For this very reason, Signature Living’s newest hotel was built at the epicentre of the Liverpool’s favourite nightlife district.

Arthouse Hotel, Bar and Pizzeria has joined the vibrant social scene in and around the Seel Street area. During a stay with us, you and your group are within short walking distance of Liverpool’s newest and most exciting social hot spots.

Fancy a drink?

Our very own Arthouse Bar is a great place to begin your evening. Our unique movie-themed cocktail menu includes the likes of Lizz Taylor Fizz and Ginger Cello Rodgers named for famous movie stars of times gone by.

Ginger cello Rodgers - best bars in Liverpool

As well as the quirky cocktails our bar serves a selection of fine ales, refreshing wines and premium spirits.

Just a few steps from the entrance to Arthouse Bar and our guests are in the heart of the Ropewalks district. Home to Alma de Cuba, Empire and Santa Chupitos all of which are known as the best bars in Liverpool for residents and visitors.

Food glorious food

Movie style food served at Arthouse Bar and Pizzeria

When visiting, a new city choosing the best restaurants to dine in can be a bit of a chore.

At Arthouse Bar and Pizzeria, our guests have huge selection of fun flick themed snacks served right in hotel.

If you and your party want to fill up before heading out into the night, then why not share a “Some like it Hot” pizza. A devilish dish with hotter than hot chilies and pepperoni all smothered in molten cheese.

For those of you who can’t handle the heat, how’s about a slice or two of “South Pacific”? Tropical style pineapple with lashings of Smokey ham.

Or if pizza is a little too much to take before a big night out in Liverpool our menu has some light bites that are perfect for a little nibble before a lot of partying.

Should you prefer to head out for your evening meal then Bold Street is lined with fabulous eateries all serving delectable dishes from around the globe.

There’s Mexican at Lucha Libre, Japanese soul food at Miyagi’s or even Indian street food at Mowgli.

This and a whole lot more can be found just moments away from Arthouse Hotel.

Fun and games

Your inner child will love a night out in the Seel Street area, starting with a game of Ping-Pong or, the more technical Beer Pong, in Arthouse Bar.

Simply gather your friends together and lay down your own tournament rules, then let games begin.

Play a round of friendlies or knockout matches with the whole bar, it all depends on how you rate your table tennis skills.

The fun and games don’t stop when you leave Arthouse either.

Make your way to Boston Pool Loft where you can try your hand at a popular OAP-cruise sport shuffleboard, or winter Olympic favourite miniature curling…and of course pool.

For those who miss their weekly family board game night should visit Liverpool’s Brew Dog and reignite their childhood competitive streak. Brew Dog’s selection of retro board games are free for the picking and are the perfect way to enjoy a little nostalgia during your night out in Liverpool.

When the night is no longer young

Warhol Lips room - Arthouse hotel

When you’ve lost your night fever and are ready to hop into bed, Arthouse Hotel will be no more than five minutes’ walk away from the best bars in Liverpool.

No waiting for a taxi or getting sidetracked for one last drink, simply take the short walk back to your movie themed apartment and hit the hey.

Arthouse Hotel is the number one choice for group accommodation in Liverpool. The fun movie theme lends itself well to the luxury décor of each and every film themed apartment. Chose to stay on our musical floor and bring out your theatrical side in the Phantom of the Opera room.

Perhaps you are a fan of the strange and unusual, in which case a night in our Andy Warhol inspired Lips room is on the cards.

Or if you prefer classic horror then our Alfred Hitchcock floor has a choice of thriller themed rooms including Pyscho and The Birds.

Book with Arthouse Hotel

To organise your stay in Liverpool’s newest movie-themed hotel, and to be in the heart of all the best action in town call 0151 601 8801 or email

Our helpful reservations staff will match you and your party up with the ideal accommodation and can guide you around the best bars in Liverpool during your stay.

We will also keep you up to date on the latest offers from Arthouse Hotel here, so stay tuned for any up and coming events taking place in Liverpool and with Signature Living.