Celebrate Yellow Submarine’s 50th Birthday at Arthouse Hotel

In 1968, The Beatles changed the face of modern cinema with their psychedelic animated feature film. This year, it’s time for Yellow Submarine’s 50th birthday, and Arthouse Hotel is the perfect place to celebrate the golden anniversary of one of the most iconic films of all time.

Standing the Test of Time

Yellow Submarine’s 50th Birthday

Yellow Submarine was released at the height of Beatlemania. Following the release of the critically acclaimed, award-winning album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the band made their third appearance on the silver screen with United Artists.

The film takes the audience on an adventure through various intriguing landscapes with plenty of fan favourite songs to add an extra element to the creative and ground-breaking film. Eleanor Rigby, Nowhere Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds all make an appearance in the much-loved movie.

The film was a box-office hit and drew massive crowds thanks to the creativity and uniqueness of the animated, soon-to-be classic.

To this day, Yellow Submarine is regarded as one of the most influential and genre-defining films, fusing fun with art for an unforgettable viewing experience. The film was one of the first animations to prove that cartoons aren’t just for kids and can be a great expression of originality and art, with clever wordplay and ‘dimensional illusions’ providing a thought-provoking encounter.

50 Years of Animated Magic

Yellow Submarine’s 50th Birthday

This decade has been a treasure trove of Beatles anniversaries and the Yellow Submarine is just one of the half-century milestones for the Fab Four.

To celebrate Yellow Submarine’s 50th birthday, a special edition comic book version of the film will be released to help celebrate the important milestone.

With Yellow Submarine effigies across the city of Liverpool, the impact of the cult film is clear to see in The Beatles’ hometown. From the submarine in the docks to the psychedelic Lambana, Liverpool knows how to pay tribute to the incredible film.

Stay in a Themed Room for Yellow Submarine’s 50th Birthday

Yellow Submarine’s 50th Birthday

Our immensely popular Yellow Submarine room is the only place for a true Beatles fan to honour a half-century of the trippy but entrancing motion picture.

The Yellow Submarine room has been designed with psychedelic pop culture in mind. Featuring artwork from the film and an underwater feel, it’s like taking a step into Pepperland.

The stunning room sleeps up to four people in luxury beds and decadent furnishings, it’s the best way to take a relaxing journey through Pepperland’s terrains.

After checking in to your Yellow Submarine themed hotel room, discover all Liverpool has to offer for Beatles fans. Head to Penny Lane to see the street that inspired the anthem or set yourself a challenge to find all the Beatles statues in the city.

Don’t forget to have a drink in The Cavern before heading to Arthouse Hotel’s Mulholland Bar. With creative cocktails and an incredible atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to go to toast Yellow Submarine’s 50th Birthday.

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Live in a Yellow Submarine in this Beatles inspired hotel room

Where would a Liverpool themed hotel be without a nod to the Fab Four themselves? Having given their name to five feature films over the course of their career, there was one that stood out as the only option for a movie-themed room, Yellow Submarine. With its psychedelic adventure through various exciting landscapes gave a wealth of inspiration for a stylish, but era-appropriate setting for your Hard Day’s Night.

A ground-breaking movie

Yellow Submarine was released in 1968 and marked The Beatles’ third appearance on the silver screen. The band was unhappy with their previous acting endeavour ‘Help!’ (1965) and were wary of taking on another feature film, but they saw it as a quick way to honour their commitment to United Artists for their three-film contract. There was also apprehension about the concept of delving into more animation after the mid-60s American cartoon TV series, ‘The Beatles’, proved not to be to their taste. They passed their name for use, but the voices of the Liverpool-born quartet were provided by actors for the film.

The team of unknown artists had to get creative with their animation techniques thanks to working on a budget of £1 million in a tiny London studio, trying methods never seen before in the world of cartoons. Most notable of these unusual techniques is the use of postcards to create stop motion animation.

John, Paul, George and Ringo ended up being so impressed with the creativity and uniqueness of the film that they agreed to feature in a short live action cameo at the end. In the appearance, the boys discuss their souvenirs from the trip and reprise a rendition of ‘All Together Now’.

The movie received widespread critical acclaim and proved itself to be a box office hit. It was one of the first animations to step outside the realm of simple cartoons just for kids, Yellow Submarine proved that animation can be artistic and suitable for both adults and children alike.

Join the Beatlemania

Want to have a Beatle-mad weekend? As the home of the band that changed the world, there’s an endless list of Beatles-themed activities in the city. Bring together music and football with The Shankly Hotel’s Fab 4 and Shanks Tour, taking you to all the must-see Beatles landmarks and on an exclusive tour of Bill Shankly’s history with the city. End the trip with a free drink and 20% off at The Shankly Hotel’s stunning Bastion Bar and Restaurant.

The Bastion at the Shankly Hotel, where a Fab Four and Shanks tour operates from

Or take a cab ride with the Fab Four Taxi Tour, choose your favourite Beatle and take a John, Paul, George or Ringo themed tour lasting between two and five hours. See the childhood homes, and visit the places that inspired the band’s most famous songs from Penny Lane, to Strawberry Fields and even Eleanor Rigby’s tombstone.

A must-see for every Beatles fan is The Beatles Story at The Albert Dock, this museum takes you on a journey through history from The Quarrymen all the way to Imagine. The Beatles museum has exclusive memorabilia, including John Lennon’s iconic glasses and original artwork, and see a recreated Cavern Club with some of the band’s first guitars and drums from the days of playing small, underground venues. Bring the kids along for the adventure in the Discovery Zone, with interactive activities and costumes for dressing up in 60’s and 70’s styles.

The Beatles Story, Liverpool

Don’t go home without stopping for a drink in the iconic Cavern Club, where The Beatles played their first live gigs and the place where they were discovered by Brian Epstein. With live music throughout the day from tribute bands and up and coming Liverpool artists, you’ll be transported back to the early sixties in a time where rock n roll ruled. Grab a picture with the John Lennon statue outside and browse the names etched on the brick wall that pays tribute to all the bands that have performed at the famous club.

After seeing John Lennon on Mathew Street set out on a mission to find all statues and sculptures dedicated to the Beatles around the city. Visit the bronze foursome at Pier Head, sit with Eleanor Rigby on Stanley Street, admire the ‘Four Lads Who Shook the World’ sculpture on Mathew Street and admire the John Lennon Peace Monument at Kings Dock.

Bronze Beatles Statues at Pier Head, Liverpool

Live in the Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Submarine room at The Arthouse Hotel is perfect for any Beatles lover to delve into Pepperland and be submerged in A Day in the Life of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Our psychedelic inspired luxury suite can sleep up to a Fab Four, with a luxury double and two single beds. Dip into the whirlpool bath before heading out to Penny Lane, or admire the Yellow Submarine artwork that covers the ceiling. With a little help from your friends, a stay at The Arthouse Hotel will be a visit you’ll remember when you’re sixty-four.

Yellow Submarine room at The Arthouse Hotel Liverpool

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